A good things happened at work today

The company I work for does time studies on us at random. This means that we do our usual tasks while they time us. We have to match a certain productivity level they set and depending on how well we do, our pay rate goes up or down.

But they did a time study on me 5 months ago, around the time my mom died. I did not do as good as I should have so they lowered my pay rate. Then shortly afterward I had to take two months off because of a host of different problems. I came back to work in January. Just last week they did a new time study.

Now when I came back to work, I had back problems, I lost a significant amount of energy and I was still adjusting to my new housing. I thought I would do horrible on this time study because I was so slowed down by the problems I listed . Today I was vacuuming a mile of carpet by myself with just a few people occasionally walking by.

My boss walks up to me holding a paper in his hand. I thought that there was a strong possibility that I was getting fired. It wasn’t paranoia. I am really slowed down and my memory took a hit with my last breakdown and I can’t remember things.

But my boss showed me the paper which was the results of my time study. Miraculously, my productivity had improved in the last two months so my pay rate went up! I thought I had been doing a terrible job but my productivity had actually gone up. It was a huge confidence booster that was sorely needed.


Proves not everything we believe about ourselves is the absolute truth, and @77nick77, you are much harder on yourself than others.

Congratulations on your good report, you deserved it!


Happy Ending!


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We are poor critics of ourselves. I’m so glad you did well. Are you celebrating?

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My celebration was feeling happy for an hour after he gave me the news.


Great news Nick :smile:


Always good to hear of successes like this. Congratulations and well deserved :slight_smile:


Cool! Sounds very heartening.

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