Working Part-time while on Social Security Disability

My question is Can I work part time while receiving disability payments? If i work part-time i can supplement my income with the disability check. Will Social Security allow this?

Yes, social security allows you to work, but there is a dollar amount to what you can make. Hopefully 77nick77 will chime in - he seems to be the expert on this. Maybe he knows what the limit is.

I just looked it up. You can earn up to $770 with out it affecting you SSDI check

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Except you have to be extremely careful. Because at times the boss will want you to work a few extra hours. And just an extra hour will get all your benefits completely cut. At least in the US. It didn’t use to be that way but US has become very conservative.

It still not that way in the USA. If you make more than $770 you get a trial work month you get nine trial work months before it affect your SSDI.

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Maybe it depends what state you are in.

SSDI is Federal so I doesn’t matter what state you live in.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

I guess the gov. got smart and realized that no one who gets a check and Medicaid will try and work because they would end up homeless without meds if they lost their check and also lost their job. Now its back to how it use to be. Its annoying to read about how great of an idea a new program is. When it was done in the past and worked great but then got cut by the gov. to save money and then just ended up costing the gov. more money. Like giving people an education while in jail.