Working while on SSDI

Does anyone work while collecting benefits? How does it effect your benefits? I would like to someday get a part time job but I can’t figure out how it works with disability and I don’t want to lose it. Would appriciate any advice.

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here where I live if you’re on disability you can work up to twenty hours a week

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I’ve been in many situations with working and collecting SSDI and SSI. I’ve worked almost steadily since 1983, albeit, mostly part time. I am 52 years old and I have been collecting SSDI for as long as I can remember, at least since the late 80’s. Right now, at this time, I work twenty hours a week. I still collect SSDI. My worker told me ( and I double checked and triple-checked this) I can earn up to $1000.00 a month from my job and still get my monthly SSDI for the rest of my life. But I went through years of’ “trial work periods”, and years of only being to make a certain amount of money. I do not collect SSI. For rules about working and benefits go to the Social Security website or call their national phone number. It’s 1-800-772-1213.

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You will probably want to a lawyer at some point.

The limit you can earn while working in 2014 is $1070 before taxes. Your first nine months of work, you can make as much money as you want. This is called your trial work period. Any month you make less than $750 (?) does not count toward your trial work period. After nine months you cannot make more than $1070. This is called substantial Gainful Activity or SGA for short.

If you make more than $1070 in a month you have to pay back your entire SSDI check as long as you are in the 36 month period following your trial work period (and you’re younger than 62). If you are beyond the 36 month period and you make more than $1070 you will lose your disability. You can appeal this, and you will receive your disability while you are appealing.

I used to work in hotels, and now I work as a peer support specialist, and I also run a substance abuse counseling group as part of my work.

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a good website:

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Also, the correct way to calculate your monthly earnings is to take one week’s hours and multiply that by your rate of pay and then multiply the total of that by 4.33 (because 52 weeks a year divided by 12 months is 4.33 weeks in one month). For example if you work 16 hours a week and your wage is $10 an hour, then that comes out to $160 a week times 4.33 equals $692.80 a month.

Also, you can google SGA 2014 to get the current maximum wages you can earn.

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