Working while on SSDI part time

What’s the maximum you can earn per month and not lose your benefits? Is it the $1170 SGA level or is it $840. I have heard both. I am considering going back to work soon and need to figure this out.

I think I am going to go and talk to somebody at the SS office in a couple of months.

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I know the limit is a little over 1000 but you want to keep the overall amount you get less than 25K or else they will tax you heavily. I’m on SSDI and I make around 500 a month working, I feel it is best to keep it well below the limit otherwise they can make a case that if you’re making enough you can return to full time work.

There’s rules about trial work periods and working consecutive months and stuff. I never fully understood that crap. I got awarded SSDI in about 1983. They told me about trial work periods and working full time or part-time.

To sum it up, I’ve been working almost steadily since 1983 and I’ve been through trial work periods of 9 months or 17 months, but somehow I have gotten SSDI steadily and now at age 56 I’ve reached the point where I can earn up to $1100 a month forever (according to them) and still collect SSDI. They told me if I ever went over $1100 for even just one month, I would lose my benefits. But there are even ways around that so If my boss has me work too many hours and I go over the limit, I can have my boss call Social Security up and explain that it was her fault and then I won’t lose my benefits.

Chrystal clear, right lol?

I read a booklet on line and it basically says if you make more than $840 but less than $1170 your benefits will only last 36 months.


How can that fly with your VA comp check? What is your disability (I thought it was related to mental health)?

I don’t understand what you’re saying @kindness. I am rated 100% for a mental health condition with the VA. I get SSDi too but I am thinking about trying to go back to work again. Just trying to figure out how that will affect my SSDI.


I believe that if you’re 100%, service-connected, TOTAL AND PERMANENT you may be risking that check.

I’m not certain, but you should check on that.

I have also heard if you’re rated 100% by the VA for mental health and go back to work you can lose your rating. You may be right. Part time work isn’t worth losing both of those.

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why don’t you just collect SSDI and work part time? i remember you said you made over two grand a month in SSDI, so if you made say another ten grand a year in part time work, it would be the equivalent of making a lot of money in a full time job, but without actually having to work full time hours. is the extra money you make from working full time worth working all those extra days per month?

i dont know if you are aware, but you can make more than the trial work month amount and less than substantial gainful activity and still indefinitely work past the 36 month extended period of eligibility.

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I made about $2200 a month on SSDI after paying Medicare. I think that’s about $26,000 per year. I make over $60,000 a year working and if I were willing to move I could make more than that if I wanted too.

I still am in the extended period of eligibility so I can get it back for another two years now without reapplying.

If I work my current job for 10 years I can retire again. Save up over $100,000 in my 401k and get more social security later and make more money every year.