Woke up at 2am WTF

So I went to bed at 10 feeling sleepy and thought “good, I will sleep well and then be on schedule tomorrow”. I woke up at 2am for no reason and couldnt go back to sleep. I feel like crap. Now my day is all ruined, I didn’t get enough rest to workout with my friend and I need a nap if I am going to a NAMI meeting at 630 tonight.

Why? Why today? I hate this. Meds schedule is all wonky, everything is poop in a bucket. Who else has erratic sleep and what do you think is the culprit? I slept ten hours the night before, maybe my body has had enough sleep…

o dear I know how that feels and it sucks ifyou cant actually go back to sleep let yourself rest watch a movie lying down and relax at least youll sleep well tonight tc

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You are adding a new thing to your day… The nami meeting.

When I’m adding a new thing to my day my brain and body react. Mentally I might think… I’m good, this is no big deal, I feel good. But then I’ll sleep walk or wake up in a panic. Even if a surface level I feel this is great, I’m looking forward to this… My panic man and my head circus decides to play a ringer trick. It likes to throw me.

I bet you could do both…
Maybe hook up with the friend, don’t do 100% full out for hours, dial it back enough to get a nap before the meeting… ??? Hope you feel better.

Good luck tonight. Let us know how it went.

All that i know is when “they” showed up i slowly switched from being awake during the day to being awake from sunrset to sunrise, it can vary but it usually stays close to that.

Perhaps they want me away from people?

Alot of secret stuff could go on at night.

last year, during winter break from school, i became nocturnal. I went to a 24 hour gym and would workout at midnight or later. This year, I was in better condition and my friends wanted to spend more time with me so i kept on a regular schedule.

i always wake up throughout the night, plus sleepwalk so i am always tired during the day.

I go to bed usually past 1130 - 12 am and I wake up at around 5am on the average lately. For me I think it could be the depression doing this to me, it was verified by my therapist.

I have a very erratic sleep schedule. The day before yesterday, I went to bed at 1am and woke up at 7am. Last night, I went to bed at 12:30am and woke up at 12:30pm. Once school starts, I’ll be using my alarms, and hopefully everything will work out well. Sometimes, the day before I’m supposed to do something, I can’t get to bed until 4am-7am. I hope that doesn’t happen before school.

i wake up every morning between 2a.m and 3 a.m and then i try and meditate ! untill the galahs then scream in the trees outside the window at 5 a.m , ahh it is so peaceful, so i am constantly tired.
take care

Same here. My sleep always changes. Lately I’ll stay up until like 2:30 am and then sleep until like 1pm the next day.

How was the meeting? Did you go? Did you get to meet people?

it was good. I think my morning dose of geodon had worn off because I was a little symptomatic but overall it was good. there were like 7 or 8 people there

This happened to me last night. I would wake up and unable to fall asleep.
If I don’t get my sleep my day is ruined as well and voices are worse.