My sleep is upside down

Couple of times last week I slept all night and all day.
Yesterday I woke up super early 7AM - had a nap at about 4PM woke up about 8PM then couldnt sleep until 5AM. Now its all back to front (awake at night, sleep through day).
I used to get upside down sleep schedule a lot. I think a part of the problem is if I don’ t go out and do stuff/see people my body gets confused or something. (And TBH I really like spending time on my own at home. I get lonely sometimes but a small visit to see someone and I’m back to enjoying my own space pretty fast.)

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon and not sure how I’m gonna make it there. I’ve got to go to sleep in the next few hours but I literally just got up and staying awake all night is really not enjoyable or feasible.


I have spent many nights awake. On Latuda it was almost unbearable. Now I chill and spend my time listening to music. At dawn I want to sleep. Eventually it gets straightened out. Have you spent most of the nights in your life asleep?


I had a long period of time where I spent most weeks awake at night. When I was first diagnosed with psychosis. I also found it hard to put myself to sleep when I was really into music and would stay up all night making tunes.

On the whole last few years its been a lot better because I get tired easily and want to go to sleep.

I’m just concerned that I’m always feeling tired recently. Being awake for like 5 hours for a couple of days in a week is kind of bizarre.

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That’s happened to me a couple times. I stayed up all night and didn’t allow myself a nap the next day in order to be exhausted enough to sleep through the night


I have the same issue. And I haven’t taken my meds for two days now. Starting to feel sick!

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Not taking the meds without medical observation can be very detrimental to your health, I hope that you are communicating with your provider.

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Well I’m pleased to report I am awake in the day time. I was awake for maybe 6 hours yesterday lol. Hyposomnia maybe?

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