Do you have odd sleep patterns?

hi. I enjoy having strange sleep hours. when I am tired I sleep but when I am not I am up. like, I don’t have small children at home now so why not?

it helps me sleep better this way. I feel better rested.



I cannot do this.I have to wake up at 9.30am and rushed for work which starts at 10am.I wanted to wake up earlier like at 9am but i couldn’t wake up at that time even though I really want to.I sleep at 1.30am usually,it’s like a routine

During the weekend I sleep at 2-3am sometimes then wake up at afternoon because I don’t have to work


Never slept well for years on the street drugs and prodromal schiz.

These days I sleep like a baby on the meds…used to have to take benzo’s to help but weaned myself off of those suckers and now just sleep regular as clockwork!

Trouble is it’s usually ten to twelve hours a day so I go to bed at around 6pm every night and listen to the radio whilst waiting for the wonders of zyprexa to kick in…I’m an early starter!!! Years ago I got up early to work industry and always have liked that so I’m up at 5am to 6 am every morning…

Getting up early when you have nothing to do is a good thing. Keep business hours and be regular when you take your meds and you’ll soon adapt!

A sleepy friend in the struggle,


Way long time ago I slept “regular people hours” due to school and then work.

Lately, I go to bed anywhere from 11PM to 6AM, and get up anywhere from 9AM to 5 PM just depends on if I have to go somewhere or not.

A couple years ago I went to bed when the sun came up and got out of bed when the sun went down, only went out occasionally to those 24hour grocery stores-boy, what a bunch of weirdos that shop after 2AM. wait that’s me!

Got accused of turning vampire by family.
No thanks, I wouldn’t want to live forever.

Let’s see. Yesterday I slept till 2pm. Then today I slept for like 2 hrs and got up at 745am then I went to sleep at 6 pm today and woke up now at 1 am. Ate a meal now back to sleep lol

I’ve had strange sleep patterns since I was seven. I’ll stay on a loose schedule for a month or so, and then my sleep pattern will change. It also takes a long time for me to fall asleep. I hate that.

Yeah I stay awake all night now and sleep until 3 or 5 pm. Gotta get to bed early one of these nights however. Gotta make it to the dmv.

All my younger life, I had been a vampire. Now, in my older years, I wake with the birds.

I usually go to bed around 9-10pm and wake up anywhere from 5-9am. Sometimes my sleep schedule changes but as for right now that’s pretty much what I am doing.

I sleep earliest at 12 and latest at 3-4 am and get up 10-11 hours later.

I am afraid to sleep. I take Ativan and Seroquel and still don’t sleep. I am afraid that I am going to die if I sleep. Some doctors told me and I have read that on the internet somewhere. Mostly, I just walk around tired all day. I do not like to sleep. I used to; but, now it is too scary. Sometimes, I lie down and “space out” I am awake, but, for instance am not aware of what is on television. I don’t think any doctor or medication can cure this fear. It is my fault. It is self-inflicted. I never ever feel okay in my body or mind ever.

My preferred sleep schedule is waking up at noon and going to bed at 4 am. But I’m a college kid so I suppose that’s fairly regular ahahaha.

I do have an issue with insomnia though.

how many years have you been sleeping for? how many days has that been? and your still alive! i think youll live for many years to come. That tells you that you will not die in your sleep. :blush: