Witches are afraid of shit

They are loners because they don’t want anyone stirring up the ■■■■.

depends whats in the cauldron lol

:stuck_out_tongue: :shit:


You talkin’ poop? Can’t imagine a bruja being afraid of anything, not even a little stinky poo.


I don’t like witches. They put hexes on you and deal with unnatural forces. They scare me.

Loners? What about covens?

Yes, I’m talking poop. Witches are just afraid to be nice.

I’m talking about every day witches who don’t belong to an organization. Like the one in Hansel and Gretel.

Have you known any witches? Is this something your reading about.

Well, I’ve known several women who were known as men to everyone. To me, they were witches.

You mean marimacho’s? (Tomboys, lesbians, women otherwise not feminine)

No, as far as I know, they were boys all their lives - no decision made. Maybe the doctor got it wrong.

like the one that liked to eat children? :cake:

yes - from within the gingerbread house.

so who’s cooking? lol

well, if you remember the story, Hansel and Gretel outwitted the witch and popped her in the oven.

so the witch is cooking then?

That’s the trouble with English. Do you mean cooking transitive or cooking intransitive. The bread is cooking. Mother is cooking it. Understand my frustration?

the witch is cooking idk i’m sure she wont taste as nice as her house

but if she made her house out of cake she must have been good at cooking as well

Some people will only work when they have something devious in mind. The gingerbread house was only made to attract children - a trap.

most people do have good intentions though

so who is your witch?