Mums a witch

Everyone gets sick who speak to her she has bad powers. She nearly give me a brain seizure last night when i spoke to her shes evil and i blame her for giving me mental illness
She thinks nobody knows but i do i know too much about her and everything else. She is a bully i blame her i blame her i blame her!!!

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What is that? I can’t open

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get it.
my mom has said it’s all her fault,
or that I blame her.
I don’t like her to feel that way.
she was pretty cool raising me and Ronnie,
but she got too critical with my next adopted brothers.

That’s not how witches work.

My mum tells me not to blame her but it is her fault shes a witch an a bully i hate her
Tried being nice to her but its no good she is what she is

if she’s anything like mine, you’ll talk again.

Yes I’ll talk to her of course

Im just venting how i really feel about her
Tried telling her
But she gets upset and that makes me feel guilty

It’s a cartoon of a therapist saying to his client:

‘What do you say we blame your parents and knock of early?’

I think it’s funny.

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Yes i seen it it was funny!

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I’m sorry that you are suffering @spaceoptic
Tomorrow is a new day

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Uh, she may not be a nice person but this is far out. You need to ask your treatment team for a med adjustment.

Real witches do not have “powers”. They’re normal people that do rituals that are just a focus of energy and intention. They’re not good for anything except making the “caster” feel better

She gets her power from demons she is a sadist too


Thanks for your concern but i only get to see a pdoc for 15 minutes every 6months. My nurse and crisis are telephone only . Depot clinic i cant really chat much in 2 minutes with them. Hubby is sick of my crises but he helps a bit. My meds went up last year at my request because i felt very agitated. I see the pdoc in a few days for 15 minutes so i will see if he suggests anything. He usually wants me to go to community social groups but i decline cos of social anxiety. I live in England oh the joys of the nhs

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No such thing. You need to avoid religion. It’s making you delusional if you believe in demons.

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