Witches are afraid of shit


witches don’t belong to anyone.


are we really talking about witches now?


right, good question. Maybe we’re talking about withdrawn szs.


i was just wondering who your witch represented

or are you the witch?


it’s relative, not an extreme witch but have some witchiful characteristics.


Dose anyone else feel like people in their lives on in the mind set of -witch hunt- i get that feeling all the time.


Like i really question, -what the hell are they looking for- so funny.


I’ve known some and none of them were loners.

This thread is sorta confusing…maybe its WITCHY ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Why kids?

Anybody know why?

Is it just because it’s so wrong? To defile purity, or whats percieved as pure?

Same thing with the virgins i suppose, purity.

We’ve got one hell of a beating coming our way.


I wonder what Samantha would say about this thread?


Or Gilinda…


I am still trying to figure out if this thread is about real witches, like Wiccans or people who perform witchcraft, or is it about TV characters, or something in a book? or something else?

  • -Confused * LOL


I’m sorry. My post had nothing to do with real witches. I know nothing about real witches. This was more about literary witches and withdrawn people haters.