Witches are real

I think their real issue is jealousy. That is sad.

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Witches truly are real. I know. I was one for 23 years. I even belonged to a witches circle or coven at one point.

And it has nothing to do with jealousy.


What does a witch do? :baby_chick::baby_chick::baby_chick:

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Fascinating topic, hopefully the mods will allow the thread to proceed.

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they fly on broom sticks and cackle at toto and dorothy :wink:


That’s what I thought. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Heres the wicked witch of the west scaring hot lips dorothy and the good witch of the north.

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Witchcraft is make believe. A benevolent God wouldn’t allow mere feelings to negatively alter people’s lives remotely.

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When I had urinary problems it felt like I was being stabbed in my bladder and I thought it was a witch I knew who was stabbing a voodoo doll to hurt me.

She was so beautiful n creative and I wanted to be her friend but was a aquantaince for a while just.

I have thought about learning about magic and healing etc but I can’t be bothered at this point in time.

I wanted to be a witch as my favourite novel series is about witches.

Some might be jealous some are not jealous just like normal…

After I met my last x it crossed my mind if a witch put a lust spell on me because I still loved my x in sa but this other man I loved but less and it was more passionate and best sex I ever had.was a whirl wind.

I think my x boyfriend in sa dogs are witches but they are my loved ones and my favourite girls.
I adore them and miss them so much.

I don’t know much about witch craft .

Maybe I will learn more about it one day.

I don’t want to hurt anyone.

I started reading a book once but it said things about hurting people and then I didn’t want to read anymore so I stopped reading and gave it to a second hand shop.

I can see the closing of this thread as clearly as I see you.

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There are “witches” in real life but I don’t think they have any “magical powers”.

Sorry guys, but this will devolve into a religious discussion because witchcraft and wicca are part of paganism. If you want information on it, I suggest looking at wikipedia on wicca and paganism.

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