Wish I could take an antidepressant

Taking an antidepressant would eradicate a lot of the symptoms that I am experiencing, like anxiety, OCD, lack of motivation, depression etc…

The problem is that antidepressants would make me manic/mixed then psychotic and delusional.
Wish there was another way - Its frustrating.

My ignorant brother and father are telling me to try and take a small dose of an SSRI.

I know better, and so does my pdoc - taking an antidepressant would be like pouring gasoline on a small fire!
No thanks!

Last time I was on an antidepressant I became completely psychotic - and stayed psychotic for decades, never again.

My general practitioner that I see told me to put dark chocolate powder in my coffee and take a balance of Omega 3,6and 9 fatty acid oils. I notice when I run out of the Omegas’ and if you can’t tolerate caffeine then don’t drink the dark chocolate. I also take a lot of vitamins and minerals especially “B” 3 Niacin in the form of “nicotinic acid” , the kind of B that causes the flush but the flush doesn’t last long and was recommended by the late doctor Abram Hoffer who did studies on using vitamins as adjuncts to our SZ medications from the late 50’s. That form of the B vitamins is known to reduce bad cholesterol as well as clean other toxins form the blood.

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Yeah, I take a prescribed Omega 3 EPA fish oil - I like the idea of putting dark chocolate powder in my coffee - may try this, thanks.

I take a Multi Vitamin every morning, including B vitamins

I meant to write dark “cocoa” powder and it is bitter and was even called “bitter drink” by the Mayans.

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I was on an antidepressant (cipralex) for several years, just got off 1 month ago completely. It did not take away my anxiety, though it did make me more energetic and gave a noticeable mood boost. if your anxiety is strong (OCD, PTSD), I doubt an antidepressant would completely solve it.

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