people, coffee and paranoia

Basically, people just try and drag me down and if not that they don’t understand anything I do or say to them, almost like they have short term memory loss. and so i have a bad habit of drinking coffee, and almost everyday I experience a lot of paranoia with most people. should i stop the coffee? I’m also on 15 mg pills of invega every morning

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Coffee absolutely makes me have more panic attacks. I’ve had to cut down to half a cup in the mornings. It sucks, because I miss the extra energy and the yummy taste, but it’s worth it when I don’t start shaking and hyperventilating twenty minutes after finishing my mug of coffee.


Try less coffee and see how you feel. It would be a good experiment. Although I think that coffee alone shouldn’t cause that level of paranoia. I would speak with your PDoc and tell them what’s been going on.

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Maybe try finding a coffee that has way less caffeine.
I hate caffeine, it makes me anxious and increases my heart rate.

The coffee my parents buy is “half-caf”, with half the caffeine of regular coffee. I also have some actual decaf for when i drink it later in the evening. maybe one of those would help.


I was on that high dose of invega for awhile

at the time I was drinking half and half coffee

now I’m 6 mg, and feel I can handle even over 4 cups of regular coffee

if it’s worth it, go down on your meds. lowest dose for most help.

alright, ill try less meds, probably 9 thanks everyone

I just spoke with my mom, this day really has me questioning if I have ever really been happy, which shouldn’t happen,

yea schizophrenia’s definitely similar to anxiety and smoking weed; stuff like that

DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT DOCTOR APPROVAL!!! Please don’t take medical advice from internet strangers. Psych meds are serious business, and you shouldn’t mess with them on your own. It ends really badly.


Just take less caffeine! Don’t ever mess with your meds. I ended up in the hospital several times by reducing my meds, mostly by missing them.


Caffeine messes me up, so it’s likely the caffeine.

okay well ill try less caffeine

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Coffee shouldn’t affect paranoia one way or the other. It will affect anxiety however. Could you try and drink decaffeinated coffee? That’s what I drink. If I drink caffeinated coffee all day long, I get really jittery and anxious, more so than usual, and it keeps me up all night.

If you really love coffee, just stick to decaf, and keep your meds the same

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alright man thanks

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funny thing is I really don’t even like coffee at all. it tastes pretty bad

he wouldn’t be able to lower his meds anyway

he’d need a new script for a different milligram strength

Some people do dangerous things to try and lower their meds on their own. I just wanted to make sure he knew that was a bad plan.


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