Trying Niacin

So I read about Dr Hoffer’s work and his theory on schizophrenia. It sounds solid. Brain poorly metabolizes adrenechromes which are similar in structure to hallucinatory drugs. I feel like it could be an explanation for me. Having had a normal mind for nearly 24 years it wasnt until I got into a groove where I was always maintaining a buzz which nicotine, adderal, caffiene, marijuana, and a few other things along the way. A ■■■■ load of energy drinks and 5 hour energy shots. Perhaps adrenaline became my new dopamine and I was really overkillling it. Freaking myself at night staring into the darkness and sky behind my house. Thinking about the new world order and ancient aliens. Constantly keepping myself wildy entertained. Then I cam to a conflict, I wont go into to details I’ll just say that it made me feel unfit in this world. Then the telepathy started. So maybe, just maybe the answer is adrenechromes. If I can get those through my system perhaps the voices will go away. I’m getting better at managing my symptoms either way but they are a huge distraction from reality. No one is actually telepathic, my imagination has came to life and all it takes is the presence of another human being to set it off. So wish me luck guys. I’ll keep you posted if the Niacin finally clears me up.


Good luck Bryan OO

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Good luck! I hope it works out for you.

Good luck dude. It could take a bit but I think it can help!


If you try the Niacin (vitamin b3) make sure it’s the regular flush , not flush free or slow release.

Don’t be alarmed if you red or feel like you have sunburn or itchy from the flush it will go away. Once your used to a certain dose you will no longer flush . I take 6 grams daily and don’t flush anymore cuz I take it regularly

I use 500mg pills.
Start with a half pill until your used to it for a few days.
then take 1 pill for a few days then keep working your way up to atleast 3 - 6 grams .
You could break it up to 2 or 3 times a day
Take it with a meal.
It could take 1-3 months for results.

I buy them at a local drugstore for 5 bucks for 100 pills per bottle

From my experience, slowly hallucinations and delusion start to go away bit by bit.

It has worked for a couple other friends out here I told about it.

It can’t hurt to try!


Damn I got the flush free kind. It’s been a few days though and my voices are getting better. 3 grams a day. What does flush really mean anyways?

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Well flush free can be Harder on the liver so if you take those ones then get liver value tests periodically.

The flush kind it just says Niacin.

You flush (turn red) for like 20 - 30mins because it opens your capillaries bring blood to the surface. It’s actually quite calming but if you take too much of it at first you will feel itchy and like a sunburn lol.

But once you take it regularly you pretty much rarely flush

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Thanks for the info man. Next time I’ll get the flush kind

No problem.

I’ve been taking it for 3 years.
A few times I would think I was fine and didn’t need it anymore id stop taking it and Within 3-4 weeks my hallucinations would slowly come back . Id get back on it and in a few days it would go away again.

So for myself it really does work for me.

I really hope it helps you man

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It’s really interesting. It’s like the voices start getting muffled or quieter. Then you can’t really make out what there saying then one day there just gone and it feels like a door has been sealed off

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Well I’m hopeful. They are really bothering me right now but it’s always like that at night. It did seem a lot better earlier.

I take a lot of Flush Free Niacin and many other nutrients. Flush Free Niacin is prescribed by my Ph.D. doctor with whom I’ve worked for about thirty years. I do well.


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Thank you for this… I’ve tried niacin and after I did break out a bit, get itchy, feel sunburnt, I decided no more of that for me.

But if it goes away after a while and there is a difference in the type…

I’ll try this again… it’s the delusions that I feel holds me back the most in life.

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Yeah Im taking the flush free kind and after about 5 days taking 3 grams a day I think It is starting to have an effect. The voices are a whole lot quieter now and not so overwhelmingly frequent. Here is to hoping in another couple of weeks they are gone and never to return. I feel like Im getting my old consciousness back. I am like I was 7 years ago. I was having some delusional thinking and verge on psychotic tendencies long before I ever had any symptoms. Neurosis is more what I would call it.


Bryan my issue was the adderall too. you might want to ask the doctor about increasing your medication for awhile with the goal of seeing if you had ampehetemine psychosis. i was taking just 10 mg of adderall a day and became psychotic from that. every doctor swore i was schizophrenic but now i dont hear voices or see things and im 30 days off the medications. turns out it was just amphetemine psychosis.

Im getting confident that this will be the last of a few nights of hearing this ■■■■. Yeah i took adderall but its been over a year ago at this point. The b vitamins seem to be working hopefully against the telepathy to. Thanks for the thought mr cactustomato.


Well it’s been a week with no change I thought the niacin was helping at first but maybe it was placebo effect. I will continue on niacin for the next month to see how it works out.

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hey brian,

i read about no flush niacin, its not really the same form, its in the form of inositol hexanicotanate . Niacin in pure form is broken down to Nicotinic Acid, Vitamin B3 is the same - breaks down to nicotinic acid. , so it is possible that no flush form could be a waste of time

Thanks man I’ll try the real deal after I run out.