Windows 11 reveal


There are more people watching Apple Events than Microsoft Events. Even Microsoft Surface Events have low viewership.

There are more people eating ice cream than apples. Apples have lower eatership compared to ice cream


I admit i have not bothered googling it - but is this a free upgrade to 11 when it comes out? Or do i have to fork out for a new licence?

I would believe that Windows 11 is a free upgrade for laptops & desktop computers which already have Windows 10 installed.

I hope Microsoft offers Windows 11 as a standalone upgrade or full O/S install as well.

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That would actually be cool. I run 10 on a laptop

I’d like a new OS.

Does anyone even use The term OS anymore? If they do it’s been around 30+ years afaik

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I used to work tech support, I can confirm OS is very much still in use.
I didn’t use it with customers though, as most of them were not tech-savvy. I’d usually ask for the name of their device to determine the main OS, and then say something like “an Acer, I see, they run on windows. Do you know whether it has windows 7, 8 or 10?” And if they didn’t, I’d ask them to describe some of the features I knew would vary depending on the OS.


The general consensus on Windows 11 so far mostly seems to be, “oh God, not again.” I could care less what my OS is so long as it runs my apps. I’d use Android if it ran Photoshop and Lightroom.

There is some lag and stuttering in the live stream due to multiple connections to the live broadcast.

Android does have Lightroom, actually :smiley:

I wont be installing it, until all the bugs are ironed out with the patch they invariably do a couple of months later. My machines got so much crap on it - i can garuntee my upgrade wont go smoothly!! haha.

Theres about 200 games installed as well - so a clean install is a no no for me.

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Yes. Not exactly useful, but it’s there.

the video editor on windows 10 that replaced the moviemaker software is simple but maybe a little too simple if you get me lol (its a little confusing but i’m a bit of a dumb ass so meh,

hopefully it will be improved upon

Hopefully they didnt go full Ballmer on this one and make it a tablet focused OS again lol

Microsoft needs a win on this one, it cant be every other OS release being decent with macOS gaining ground

Looks like they’re up to their old monopoly abusing tricks again.

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I don’t like the task switching bs. I don’t need my open apps and programs hidden behind an icon. I want to know what I’m running. I play games. Running 50 hidden apps is dumb as hell. I also don’t want my computer to remember my phone history, because I don’t have dementia and don’t want sneaky people to see what I’m doing on other devices.

Also not a huge fan of the over-stylized Apple-like taskbar. Don’t like it on macs and won’t like it on my PC.

And Teams is ■■■■ and I don’t want any more forced bloatware.


Widgets are also ■■■■ if you can’t have them on your desktop. That’s their only useful feature on phones. I don’t need or want an extra newsfeed. Plus, it looks just like everything we hated with Windows 8.

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“It’s the same gestures you use on your trackpad today”
No, I don’t use a trackpad because I’m not a damn hobo. Honestly the best part of this video so far is the background music. Windows 11 looks like a budget Apple. And two wrongs don’t make a right.

I think win 11 was meant for touchscreen devices.

Yeah, just like Windows 8.
It’s like Windows doesn’t realize lots of people actually do prefer Windows over Apple.

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