Windows 11 Compatibility Checker

I downloaded the Windows 11 compatibility checker and all 3 computers in my house are not compatible so we are all stuck with Windows 10 until we buy new computers.

Windows 10 is supported until 2025 so I don’t have to upgrade for a number of years, which is good because I don’t have the money to buy a new computer right now.

You can download the Windows 11 compatibility checker here on the Microsoft website (Scroll down to where it says check for compatibility and then download the app).

Fortunately my laptop is compatible.with Windows 11


My laptop qualifies. I have questions about stuff on that page. It says TPM 2.0 is required. TPM 2.0 is kinda new, so how many people are really going to be eligible for this upgrade? Also, it says a MS account is needed to set up Win 11. That sounds onerous.

My choice? I’ll keep Windows 10 on my systems. Don’t see any reason to rush into this at all. Looks like mostly a facelift, and MS hasn’t said anything about under-the-hood improvements. Not really. As unstable and finicky as Windows can be at release and generally up to a year thereafter, I won’t be in a hurry to get it. I did read that it will be offered for download for free later this year via Windows Update. I just hope it doesn’t pester me every damn day like the Win 7 to 10 upgrade notifier did. That was really annoying.


Yeah, I am in no real need to upgrade to Windows 11. From what I have read there are no features that I must have. Everything I want to do I can do win Windows 10.

I’ll probably install Windows 11 on day one on my laptop so I can play around with it but as for my computer I am not going to spend a bunch of money for a new computer when there is no must have Windows 11 feature I want or need.


Well im annoyed - my rig is only about a year old, and mines not compatible?

Im confused too - cos it doesnt tell me what its missing

I think mine qualifies, I have i-5 10400f and rx 5600xt and 16gb ram

Quick search says its usually failing cos people are lacking TPM 2.0, but ryzen cpus have it in the firmware - so enabled mine in bios. And it passed.

Im in no hurry to switch tho - not unless some new fangled game i want needs it.


I don’t have a clue what that is, but if your 1 year old PC doesn’t have it, then my 4 year old laptop certainly won’t. :frowning:


Its called a Trusted platform module. Frankly its security for secure log ins, and drive encription like bit locker.

You might be surpised and have it. open a command prompt (Winkey R - cmd, and type tpm)

Or you may need to enable it in your bios. Its been around quite a while.


I’m worried that this will just turn into a way to sell data. I purposefully didn’t make an account for my current PC for this reason.
I’ll probably upgrade to 11 before 10’s support ends, but I’m in no hurry. I really like Windows 10 and it does everything I need.

Thanks for this. Looks like I don’t have it. Think I got my PC 6 years ago or so. No windows 11 for me then.

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You can buy the chip for your motherboard, cheapest ive seen on amazon was 10-20 Dollars. Just seach for tpm.

I may end up doing that if I don’t upgrade my setup before then. Good idea
I ended up breaking the button that allows you to remove the graphics card on my current motherboard. The thing wouldnt come out so I pressed harder, and one day it just snapped off.

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My laptop can’t run windows 11 because of the processor. :frowning:

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I checked my BIOS, I don’t have TPM 2.0 so my computer is a no go for WIndows 11. I’ll have to look into buying the TPM module, I didn’t know you could do that.


Mine is not compatible from lack of secure boot it says, I enabled tpm and secure boot in the bios but it’s still incompatible, maybe there will be some more help with upgrading as it rolls out.


I had to reinstall windows, and reformat my drives but now I’m windows 11 compatible.

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My cpu too :sweat:. I read they may support older CPU’s but you have to click a warning

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As a result of this thread I updated windows 10 with all the latest updates.

It was a painful experience. At one point I had to run CMD to manually delete files and some other stuff to get a stuck update moving again.

It’s 2021. Windows is dead unless you have work to do. For the average consumer it’s phones and tablets.

Plus all my windows apps are out of date. No central way to update them.

I’m seriously considering getting a mac instead of a windows 11 pc.

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I use windows all the time and I don’t work. Phones and tablets are okay but they aren’t 1:1 replacment for anything outisde social media.

If I want to game, PC. Make music, PC (or Mac). Make images, PC. Write, PC. ETC.

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It’s personal preference I think.

I can’t stand phones and even tablets are not that great. Maybe I am old school but I like a full sized keyboard, a mouse and a big 27" high resolution monitor.

I hate surfing the internet on my phone, the screen is too small and typing on it annoys me.

I use to own a tablet, surfing some websites was “ok” but I still prefer my computer.