Will you be there for a person with mental illness?

Even if you have your own

especially if you have your own

I have 3 good friends that help me Violet, Jim and Benny

they are always there for me

but I know so many people that never reach out


I’m there for my son any time, anywhere.
I’ve recently been talking with a woman at work who’s struggling. I don’t feel like I have anything to offer because I feel like I’m struggling much of the time too, but she said I’m helping her.
I will help anyone who asks, but if they start pulling me down then I have to let them go…I won’t allow chaos or drama in my life. If someone isn’t trying or is just wallowing for a long time then I can’t deal with that.

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Yeah, I think that’s why I’ve lost lots of friends

I guess that’s why we have to pay people to listen to us after awhile

my parents have decided they are 70 years old and don’t want anything upsetting in their lives

my beautiful cousin Molly killed herself because she felt a burden to everyone

if my brother had MI, I’d be there.

There are two types of mental illness traps

when you shut everybody out, get stuck in your head, and are impossible to help or reach


you let everything out including if you’re getting hurt by people
if you are not getting support you need
if you want more and want to get better

but then they might leave you

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personally, I say too much

but I’ve been blogging and through therapy for years

I’m sorry for Molly and for your loss, @Daze.:heartbeat:
No one listened to or helped me from early on. I know what it feels like.
I had a sister who was abusive and out of control, and after a lifetime of genuinely loving her and caring about her I cut her out of my life about 6 months ago.
I work so hard at my “recovery”, my balance, my function, my “sanity”, and I won’t allow someone to weaken me in my ability to function.
That’s when I make a decision to let someone go; when they become damaging to me. I have enough to deal with and I can only be spread so thin.

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my daughter said the same thing about me

I called her a spoiled brat, and can’t be there when I can’t stop crying
and can’t care less to even text back

she pretty much said she’s sick of it, go ahead and die

we haven’t spoken at all, and more was said, before she stormed out

when your kids get to be 24 years old, it’s a two way street with your parents
should be anyway

she promised me gma and her would help me

and that I don’t need a man, a website, or terrible job situation

I’ve been sending her info on CF, nutrition, salt, doctors, researchers
for a long time

it’s important that I’m on her team, but she’s married now, I guess she doesn’t need me

I have developed a very strong voice

I don’t know how else it could have happened

after everything

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As your daughter gets older and gains more life experience as an adult, she’ll understand that it not just about whether she needs you but also about whether you need her. Successful adult relationships are a two-way street.

When in doubt read Arthur Miller


As a person who has been greatly supported by many people and also rejected by others, I would choose to be there for someone else, although I am not always the greatest or most dependable friend to have.

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