I don't want to get involved - even if that does make me evil

Not only will it make me ill, he never listens to me… he has alcohol and depression issues and he wont accept something is wrong… he thinks people who take time off for mental problems are taking the mickey… i remember when i took 6 months of he gave me a good earful…

I called the police and ambulance yesterday but if he don’t want to help himself i am done being there cos he doest want my support.

and i don’t want to fall ill helping him


You can only do so much to help someone. If he doesn’t want to help himself there’s nothing else you can really do except wait for him to get to that point. You also have to consider your own mental health. You have to be careful not to put yourself in a situation where you’re gonna get worse or go into crisis mode.


Sorry you have to go through this!! Take care of yourself and let God work His magic… Hugs

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How did your Mom react to what happened @anon80629714?

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It’s good to care. Try to break through his tough exterior and have a real moment with him. Just as long as he’s not violent towards you.


I’m very worried about both of you. If helping him is too burdensome for you, please pull away. But he also needs help. Is there another person close to him that you can tell so they can help?


She’s stressed and she has a lot going on herself and is a carer to both her mum and 96 year old mil

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He never listens he just doesn’t like me and I’m fed up of trying to make him

I understand you’re exhausted. I hope you get the rest you need.

This is about your uncle, right? I’m sorry he’s being like this. I don’t think you’re evil for knowing your own limits. You can’t care for someone else when your own stores are heavily depleted.

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It’s my brother. I moved house to my mum’s so he could have my room.

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I’m sorry. Hugs. Your responsibility is always to yourself first.

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