It is nice when

some people don’t turn their back on you when they find out about my condition.
It really is nice.

I will see my friend in November, I don’t feel up for it atm. and she is understanding.

I look forward to meeting up with her though.

How many IRL friends did u keep from before you were diagnosed. ATM I’ve got two, though there are two more it’s just I don’t really talk to them right now :frowning:


I have 2 people who didn’t turn their backs on me. But they live in different countries now. We email about 3 times a year.

One of them I get to see about once a year when he comes to visit.


I am glad when their is so much honesty. I am 50 now and start turning my back on certain people. All the peace I missed out on with them.
When it costs your peace the price is to high.


I have 2 friends from before I got sick. One of them didn’t ever really see me sick because she lived out of state, but she’s been my best friend since middle school. The other one saw me daily at my worst and he’s so amazing. He even let me stay with him for awhile when things were bad and I couldn’t stay in my own apartment.


I never hear from anyone in my mom’s family but my dad is there for me every single day.

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I wish I was more alive. I still feel quite dead.
Not too long now. I hope I don’t relapse again that would be amazeeeeeanggg!! ¡!!! Isn’t it. Yes

To be honest, most stayed. Only a few of them I would not really want anything to do with. When I was around 23 I was still hanging around with quite a large group of people out on the town every weekend. I dont see much of them these days, we still get along but we just went our separate ways.

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I had a crowd of mentally ill friends when I was in my 40’s and early 50’s, but, I ditched them when a normie in our group made the statement that we all hung out with each other “in desperation”. That just didn’t sit well with me.

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Zero since 8 years ago they all ditched me about 8 years ago yep.

Not only did they ditch me but punched me when I was down.

Then they ditched me :wink:

I would like to find more friends. Nahhhh I’m content. But I need 1 more i think

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My two best friends know of my sza and they never looked down on me. They are wonderful supportive friends :blush:

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Many potential friends shunned me over the years and never became my friends due to my mental illness. I ditched many mentally ill friends because a normie told us we hung around each other because we were “desperate”. Maybe that was wrong of me but I didn’t like how that sounded.

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