Will Xeplion cause lack of interest in anything

my doc recommended me to start it but i declined

How was clozapine

It was meh cuz it didn’t work fully

I’ve heard too much horror stories so not sure if I want to even try the med

I think different people can respond differently to different meds and different doses and different combinations.


We don’t know because every med has slightly different side effects for everyone.


is it safe to take though

Theres better medications out there, this one made me not only anhedonic but also sexual dysfunction and severe akathisia. It was however useful for the the positive symptoms like paranoia, delusions and hallucination.

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Like what meds? I’m tired of being paranoid

Quetiapine is one with little to no akathisia and sexual dysfunction and abilify or risperidone.

You need to try what your doctor suggests.

Yes I will try but I was scared at first

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