Quetiapine! Side effects

I was put on quetiapine for schizophrenia recently. I also take aripiprazole. 15 mg twise daily

So I took a pill 100 mg of quetiapine yesterday and it totally knocked me out! Any suggestions what to do? How does it work on you?

It makes most people very tired. My psychiatrist says to take it about 1 or 2 hours before bed so you won’t be tired the next morning.

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It’s normal for it to knock you out, it’s the most sedating AP. It’s often prescribed as an alternative to sleeping pills because it’s not addictive.

Only take it before bed.

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My psychiatrist prescribed it for me to just calm down when “events” happen like “hallucinations” and worryful “delusions.” 100mg is a low dose.

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I thought Zyprexa was the most sedating? Or Thorazine?

Oh I don’t know, I could’ve just made that up based on my experience :blush:

in uk you will be given olanzapine or rhisperidone first as they are new and cheap to give out if they don’t work or u show signs of overdose or potential to harm yourself they will put u on amisulpride or Queatapine , I take 100mg of amisulpride every other day as I hate it , Ithe has a paradoxical affect on me so it resembles amphetamine and keeps me up every other night , it lessons my symptoms but doesn’t clear them , I hope this helps I’m based at St caths stien center for treatment and I will be watched over by them for some time as my delusions where super powerful and consumed me completely

I hope you realise how strong you can be , if we see and feel the things we do then we must be stronger and braver than most to live atall , I hope u embrace all that’s positive around you

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My only side effect from the good drug, Seroquel, is good symptom control and assistance in the sleep department.