So fed up with Akathisia on Clozapine, any advice?

I get 2 kinds of restlessness on Clozapine. one is the unbearably restless state (akathisia) another is similar but affects mood as well.

This mood one is really bad because it plunges me into complete despair and everything negative about my life hurts to think about so much.

Both are treatable with ativan but that’s a long goddamn 30 minute wait for it to kick in.

This happens about once or twice every two weeks right when I least expect it. I used to think it had to do with how much food I had throughout the day, but even times where I ate extra meals I think it still happened.

I want to change meds but even reducing clozapine by 25mg will make thought broadcast a lot louder and it will be tough to cope. I really don’t know what to do. anyone got any advice?

I had this with geodon. Was able to successfully switch meds. I understand if you are on clozapine that is probably not very possible. One thing that helped a little was taking half my dose in the AM and half in the PM

Yes you can try divided dosing, once in am and once in pm. But the morning dose would prolly make u sleepy.

Clozapine is least likely to cause EPS in people taking them. Other meds are not much effective and are more likely to cause akathisia. I have been on clozapine since 6 years and i never had akathisia or other EPS side effects. But different people react differently.

Olanzapine and quetiapine comes to mind when it comes to EPS side effects. EPS is least in these 2 drugs as well but will still cause EPS side effects in some people. You may try either of these 2 drugs. These 2 drugs may be your last option. When it comes to effectiveness, most effective would be clozapine than olanzapine than quetiapine.

I know because I have the same problem when I visit friends and family. I often just sit down for half an hour before the restlessness forces me to leave. And yes if I reduce I get the same withdrawal problem.

i take 150mg clozapine before sleepies and 25mg in the morning when i get up and 25mg after lunch. Maybe you can divide the dose like something like that? I dunno if that would be better.