Will marijuana be legal in your state by the end of 2016?

Connecticut is thinking of legalizing…Washington is already legal (state I’m thinking of moving to). Honestly I wanna stay in Connecticut. The main reason I’d move to Washington is legalization of weed.

I think legalizing weed creates much less of a danger for me…If I can go to the store and buy a joint once a week…it’s no harm. Rather than it being illegal and I put myself in harms way and buy a half ounce because I’m not sure the next time I’ll get weed…then I end up smoking it all in a week. Legalization of marijuana is probably the greatest idea in any subject I’ve ever encountered in my life.

I live in Illinois. Medical marijuana is legal here now and they’re building a dispensary not far from me. Although I think it’s only for cancer patients. I really wish I could get my hands on some medical marijuana to ease my constant hand tremors from my tardive dyskinesia caused by my pills. I’ve heard friends say that regular street weed gets rid of the shakes but if I could get a strain that would work best for me without causing more psychosis I would like that.

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Yes another reason for legalization. They can regulate which strains are right for who. Cannabis is a very diverse substance. Some people need THC…some people need CBD…Some people need a mix of both. Etc… Etc… Prohibition are easily the worst laws in USA history.

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Marijauna is about to be legalized in Canada. A friend of mine voted for Justin Trudeau because he wanted legalized pot.

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They grow a lot of marijuana illegally where I live. They’ve been growing it for decades, and they’ve found strains that work well in the eastern Oklahoma environment. I’ve heard that marijuana is Oklahoma’s second biggest cash crop, second only to wheat. I live in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, and there is a lot of undeveloped land there. On some of the back roads where I live there is only one house about every ten miles. Legalizing marijuana could hurt the growers in our region. They say it has already destroyed a lot of Mexico’s pot growing industry.

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To each his own, right @turningthepage? Marijuana screwed me up. More than crack, heroin, powder cocaine, or alcohol. I encourage people to stop smoking it but if someone wants to smoke it, it’s fine, but just don’t do it near me.

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Marijuana either makes me totally dissociated or I hallucinate if too much. And then my iq goes down about 75% for the day after.

So I don’t smoke.

My roommate smokes all the time and he’s more functonal than I am. But he’s a 'normie pretty much

I hope.not, its had its day, and of its time , if college goers wanta get it then im sure theyll be able to find it

The area that I live in the Midwest, will probably be the very last state for that to happen.

medical marijuana is up for the Oklahoma ballot this year. there seems to be enough signatures to make the ballot anyways.

I live in South Dakota, I’ve heard rumors about it becoming legal by the end of 2016 but I think that’s just medical… I’m content with that, because I could medically use it. lol.

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