Can we all chill out about cannabis? Not quite yet

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Now that it is legal in Manitoba it seems to be on everyone’s mind.

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My state is working on legalizing it recreationally.
Even though I don’t smoke, I’m for it.

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That was the whole problem. I use to smoke pot and chill out too much.


Yeah shouldn’t we reduce the chill now that everyone’s gonna be even more chill.

Were gonna need some chill control police

They’d pull up and be like “woaaaah woah woah your chilling way to much right now thats enough already. your coming with us”

And the guy would be like “awwwww mannnn I was just chillen mannn”

And the chill police would be like “put em in the back with da rest of em”



just legalize medical marijuana federally so I can try CBD oil and reduce my Klonopin intake. I don’t want to get high I just want try an alternative to benzos legally. It’s so lame that so many states haven’t even legalized it medically.


Now its legal here. I tried smoking again. Its like instabt psychosis. Should get me a vial of CBD though. Worth trying.

I hope no one smokes weed, so they don’t develop psychosis.

I used to smoke everyday. Now it’s legal an I can’t. So sad :sob:

I personally won’t be smoking any weed if it’s legalized, however I still believe that it should be legal. The fact is that most people aren’t going to have a psychotic break from using it, in the same way that most people won’t develop liver failure from drinking alcohol. People can drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, which seem to be much more dangerous than weed. The only thing that’ll happen when weed is legalized is that people will stop getting it unknowingly laced with harder drugs.

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Kava Kava is a natural benzo . Most pharmacy or herbalists have it. Be warned your stomach can get sick on it though.

I gave kava kava to a friend in college that never tried it while drinking and we had to drag him around

Yeah it’s a depressant so with alcohol it would happen

Drugs silence the soul. But how many are in jail for something that is no worse than alcohol?

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Weed helped me until I got sz. Not so good then

I am already paranoid. I don’t need any help. Also drinking makes me depressed.

Here’s a tongue-in-cheek solution to solve violence and keep people out of prison: mandatory government dispensed marijuana for violent criminals. Think about it: Who gets violent on potent, unadulterated MJ? No one I can think of. Here’s how the (impossible) program would work: You get released from prison and get a MJ voucher and ID card. Once a week you pick up your MJ from the give-it-away government. Thrice a week your urine is screened for MJ levels. If you’re not “appropriately high,” back to jail. What violent criminal would say no to that? Free weed, and jail if you DON’T toke up. Just stay home watching cartoons and not hurting people. Test positive for anything else? Back to jail.

Tongue-in-cheek, as I said. Also impossible (improbable?).

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It’s legal where I live in BC but it’s an absolute no no for me. I can’t even inhale 2nd hand. Run ZX run, stay away!

I think marijuana is the main cause of my schizophrenia so no more smoking for me.

With the new chill control police they gon be bringing em all back to jail anyway cuz they gon be chillen as a mother â– â– â– â– â– â–  :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: