I just walked into a store and bought marijuana infused bars

I live in Washington state where marijuana is legal for recreational use. Today is the first time that I have gone into a pot shop. I have not used any in a couple of years, and I really bought it for my mom to try and see if it will help her sleep, but I am considering taking a very low dosage. I probably won’t though, since I quit smoking because it caused me anxiety and paranoia. But it is tempting. Pretty cool though that you can just walk in to a store and buy some legally.

It might be legal for you to do so… but you really shouldn’t mention it on here.


Wow fantastic. Drugs ruined my life.


I don’t think it hurts to talk about it if you are in a legal state. My cousin lives in Seattle and we talk about it all the time. He is so lucky. It should be nationally legal in my opinion.

I am in no way endorsing its use, especially for people with mental illnesses. But I found the whole process of just going into a store and buying whatever I wanted interesting. I do believe it should be legal nationally and give people the choice to use it or not. It is not like I just went and bought some crack.

I agree with this…

I was just anticipating stronger reactions from other people… thought I might give you a heads up.

This is a forum for the mentally ill and as you can above… some folk don’t like drug use/culture in their face

I know this is forum for the mentally ill. I have had schizophrenia for 16 years. I guess it was in poor taste to start this topic on this forum, but I just thought it was not a big deal. I am new here, and if you tell me how to close the topic I will. I am sorry if I offended anybody.