California legalizes the ganja


Ganja is a Nepali world if i am not mistaken…!!!

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Lol blaze it

Jk don’t blaze it it’s very bad for people with psychotic disorders~no drugs for you~


how does legalizing marijuana work? how is it even implemented? I’m pretty sure that a young girl walking down the street can accidentally inhale marijuana smoke from a public user and become an addict. or maybe I’m being paranoid.

Marijuana isn’t addictive physically and definitely not after one puff. It’s legal here but you can’t smoke it in public. Massachusetts legalized it too. It’s the way rn

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oh, I always felt this impression that marijuana was popular through its ability to get people addicted. but since it’s not, guess I should try it out.

If you have sz though it is a bad idea. I think that szadmin posted some papers showing that it can give you psychosis. Plus I never believed the not addictive part simply because people are willing to go to jail just to smoke it. They are willing to have a permanent mark on their record just for a temporary high.


Addiction comes after repeated intentional exposure in the majority of cases.

@Prince_Boring you still shouldn’t try it out; not only is it not that great, it’s bad for your mental health.

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There’s ALOT of pot smokers in the state of California lots of money to be made…

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I voted for it, but I don’t use it because it’s stinky.

I don’t think it should be a crime to self medicate as long as you behave responsibly while using it.
It’s only when you lack the common sense to stop if you can’t behave, then maybe the law can help you change your mind, but don’t punish those that can control themselves.


When I was 18, I was a big marijuana activist. For some good reasons, some bad reasons (the bad reasons were I smoked weed a lot!). That was about the extent of the bad reasons though… Getting arrested for .1 grams of weed when I was 18 really put my life in a tailspin. Lead me to hanging out with shady people when I got arrested, the shame, stigma of having my name in the newspaper in my hometown. This was when only 30 something percent supported legalization… But the people I hung out with got me into alcohol and harder drugs. And I’ll end that story at that. Now I am equally for legalization but I say there’s bigger fish to put on the grill. For example the heroin epedemic. There needs to be some reform. People are dying because heroin is ILLEGAL. Not because of moral character of people in the world or something. They’re lacing heroin with fentanyll. I also believe hallucinogens should be noted upon their medical purposes. I believe in rehabilitation. . That is ALMOST more important to me as legalizing weed. But legalizing weed is a step in the right direction to understanding drug policy better.

And the cartel wars, etc… I’m glad Cali and Nevada legalized cuz they’re close to Mexico. Just wish Arizona did too

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I am hoping marijuana is descheduled to a lower level. I am glad for California…too bad Arizona didn’t pass.

I think you made a typo and accidentally capitalized it…?

I think I heard of people dying from overdosing on heroin. but maybe that’s just in some movie or TV show and my paranoia assumed it was possible.

They’re dying at an alarming rate because the heroin is laced with FENTANYLL , which is 60x more potent than heroin… And that wouldn’t happen if they decriminalized and set up clinics for heroin users… People have always died from heroin use but not at this rate. People used to have to Injecf it to overdose. Now you can overdose from snorting it, because of the fentanyll it’s laced with.

They have on site clinics in bc Canada where you go to, take heroin under the supervision of doctors. And then if you overdose they inject you with naloxone (opioid overdose anecdote). And it saves many people from dying. But even that’s not enough.

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people are setting up “mouse traps” for drug users… sounds… believable…

is it like a terrorist group activity…?

I know I can be paranoid sometimes but… 60x times more potent than heroin…

lucky I don’t do heroin, I guess

Prince died because of fentanyll…

Yea I read that. The #1 and 2 cause of overdose is relapse, and getting “bad” heroin. Relapse cuz you have no tolerance and you go back to your typical dose and your body can’t handle it and shuts down. And fentanyll. You can’t handle at all. Btw @Prince_Boring it seems like you’re trolling. Please don’t. This is a very sensitive issue to me. My cousin just relapsed on heroin and is back In rehab. I probably have more friends in the past 5-6 years who are heroinaddicts than not… And some have died. Although I’ve never experienced an opiate high myself (thankfully). It’s not a topic to joke around about thanks a lot


I’m not trolling. it’s just that the idea that a large amount of heroin is being laced at a point where it’s causing significant death rates… is what I would probably be saying back when I was in the psych ward…