Recreational marijuana day

In my state they just opened the doors for legal weed and they are making EXTREME profit from it…
What are your thoughts on this?

Its been legal in canada for a while. Its good. Taxes for the government. Like alcohol and tobacco


I don’t smoke it anymore, but kind of look at it as symbolizing something important, that it is called weed for one thing, so representing how something is subject to evaluation and treated a certain way. It has risks and benefits like anything else, so it interesting how people weight risks and benefits and choose things as being good and bad. So kind of like looking at society as a garden and the gardener being people who make choices. Now I’m thinking about Catcher in the Rye, and that whole analogy.

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I heard it relaxes people I think it makes my psychosis worse.


I think we should make all drugs legal and tax them too. I believe it would be easier to handle the damage that drugs do if we legalized them. It would be much easier to prevent overdoses if users weren’t hiding in the shadows. It would decrease the huge amount of burglary that is committed to support people’s drug habits.

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Legal cannabis gives me a job; it pays my bills and puts food on my table. I work in a dispensary. My state has had medical marijuana for a while, but recreational sales started only about two years ago. I’ve had my job for over a year, about 14 months, and I love it.


That is a very nice way to describe society. I agree. It all comes down to fear I think. Fear to grow the intellect. People stop at a given proposition for life, accept it, and no more knowledge is acquired. People fear what they don’t know. That’s what is exploited.

I have a mmj card…I hardly ever get to use it…this month the only time I will have edibles will be on my birthday and that’s because my friend is paying for it.

I had a medical marijuana card for several years before it was legalized in this state. My thoughts are marijuana is a lot like alcohol. Research indicates that one small glass of wine a day can be beneficial to heart health. I think maybe two to three bowls a week might be helpful to mental health for some.

In the end it is all about moderation.

I think legalizing marijuana in several states has helped keep the economy from collapsing again. There so many people who were incarcerated for non violent crimes involving the sales of marijuana. My thoughts are that marijuana being illegal is a lot like prohibition in the 1920’s. I don’t think it is any more dangerous to health than tobacco and is probably on par with alcoholism when it comes to addiction albeit in different behavior.

I no longer smoke cannabis but it’s nice to know that if some day I feel like smoking a joint, I can go get a joint and smoke it in the comfort of my own home without worrying about going to jail. I no longer have to worry about being arrested for being around an ounce of cannabis, I mean with my medical card I grew plants and it is really not difficult at all.

It’s funny because growers while learning always talk about expensive light fixtures and these tent thingies for indoor growing like it was some sort of laboratory science (it is Israel i suppose but), I mean really it’s a weed, it grows on its own in nearly any climate that isn’tsnowy, just nurture it like any other plant. Sing to it and it gets happy.

One more thing, some marijuana is like wine, some is like tequila. I sometimes liked the lower potency weed so I could smoke joints and not eat up all the cereal.


Muuuuuunchies! LOL.


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Sounds like a sweet job, glad you’re doing well with it.


Hey buddy you think you got the munchies?
Last time i got high i started eating all the brownies!
I was there all night. I couldnt get full!

My girlfriend told me dont green out
I said “you didnt put spinach in these did you?”

I dont get no respect! :grimacing::ok_hand:

Thats it for tonight, dont to drugs!

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I abstain from marijuana.
It’s illegal here anyway

Illinois, next to me and Phil, legal, the stores that sell are expensive. better to get it off the street, a friend or family member.
Phil smokes it every day, but I don’t, and never have
since a couple months in the dorm
when I was 18.

Sorry guys, I’m going to have to close this. Much like with alcohol posts, there are people triggered by talk of pot and indulging. I have to follow that, even though I fully support legal weed.

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