Will I recover after 20 years of sz? I am fed up of fighting

Don’t give up Anna!
Keep fighting!


How is going on vraylar?

It’s possible to get and feel better if you get on the right meds and take care of your overall health such as diet and exercise. You may also want to take up a spiritual practice of calming the mind to some degree. We all think too much and with SZ it is even worse. I’m sorry your suffering but know that you are not alone…


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You’re still young so you got that going for you.
I’ve had schizophrenia since I was 19 and I’m 59 now. All evidence seems to say that I’ll have it for the rest of my life. I’ve gotten better though and my symptoms have improved.

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stop saying your better than low functional sz.i dont like that way of talk.we should have mercy for everyone.

i totaly understand you all the way.

Yes we should have mercy for everyone I just stated the fact that they have a more severe illness.

i sometimes curse at my god.

Keep up the good fight!

ive been on prettty much all the anti psychotics and was getting nowhere…but now im prescribed two anti psychotics (olanzaoine 20mg and quetiapine 800mg) and am doing much better…have you tried taking that dose

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I second everything that @77nick77 said.

I graduated from nursing College despite paranoia, telepathy and psychosis.

I did a hitch in the military despite depression, paranoia, mania, telepathy and psychosis.

I worked in the very stressful field of RN nursing, all the while enduring paranoia, psychosis, telepathy, mania, depression, suicidality and hospitalization.

I wrote, recorded, produced and promoted three music albums while psychotic, paranoid, telepathic, depressed, grieving and in physical pain.

It’s maybe similar to a paralyzed want to walk again. I depend on my disability support pension cause i can’t work in a 9 to 5 job, i gave up on other workopportunities like art (writing,painting,music,acting,etc.). Its nice to live, even as a burden.

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Hi don’t worry about your sexuality, it has nothing to do with the disease. If you find someone nice is all that counts. Or if you can’t it’s all still good :smiley:

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