Will I get taken away from my mom?

For threatening to kill my doctor. The police got involved with it… I regret doing it very much and wouldn’t do it ever again
I’m currently in a psych ward involuntarily

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Try not to worry, I don’t think anyone is taking you away from your mom if she’s not abusing you. Just behave and take your meds and maybe they’ll let you out sooner than you think. Maybe also apologize to your doctor if you can.


Also continue taking your meds.
Follow doctors orders.


I doubt it. But you really need to get with the program and become committed to taking your meds.

Yeah, that wasn’t very smart. I’m not saying your unintelligent. You just made a bad choice when you threatened the doc and never do it again. I did the same thing about 8 years ago. Oh man, I was almost in big trouble. Like my therapist almost told the police.The only thing that saved me from getting in bad trouble was that when it comes to threatening violence or actually doing it, I have a clean record, over 40 years and never gotten violent. But yeah, threatening to kill someone is the worse thing you can do, a huge mistake that you should never repeat.


Death threats are no joke. I’m glad you learnt your lesson.

But no, I really don’t think you will get taken away from your Mum.

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I don’t feel like taking my meds though :confused:

Tough! It’s time to grow up, be a big girl and do what needs to be done for your mental health. I don’t feel like taking my 18 meds either, but I do anyway. Just do it

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I guess you should explore why that is and try and find what it is that makes you feel like you don’t want to take them.

Does any thing immediately come to mind?

I feel like I’m a personal failure if I can’t function without meds

You’re not a failure for taking care of yourself.

But I mean would you tell someone with diabetes that they are a failure for taking insulin?

No but I’ve heard that many times and it’s not exactly the same thing

Well do you think someone is depressed and wants to feel better is a failure for taking anti depressants if they work for them?

Idk is it taking care of myself or being a personal failure

I think you’re taking it too personally. You feel like you are letting yourself down for taking meds. But there’s nothing wrong with it. It cures many of the symptoms of the condition and enables you do to get on with your life. They’re prescribed to help you.

It’s only a failure if you dont take your meds. Taking your meds is a huge success towards health and maturity


Okay I’ll take my meds

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Great! That’s a big step for you. I’m proud of you

Why did you threaten to kill your doctor?