Feeling scared and confused

My mom said last night that if I don’t take my meds my rights will be taken away. I can’t believe that its like she wants me locked up. If I can’t turn to my mom who can I turn to? I know what she said isn’t true based on what my doctor has told me, but why would she even say that?

I got threatened too. Just take the meds.

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I should but right now they are making me sick ■■■■ pills :frowning:

I’m sorry hun. Maybe trying different meds will help.

If your meds are truly making you sick, you have to make your mom understand. I know it’s hard to get through to people that don’t trust you because of your condition. But if you make it clear that you DO want help and you DO want to take the meds, she will listen to you better. Tell her the meds are making you sick. You aren’t neglecting them because you don’t want to be better, you’re neglecting them because you don’t want to be sick of the time. That is being rational. I don’t know you’re entire situation or the severity of it but not wanting to take meds that make you sick is a universal thing. No one wants to… Neither would she. You know?

Maybe that’s what I’m thinking or vitamins

It might not have been a threat or blackmail if that’s how you’re looking at it. And she may not really want you to be locked up. She may simply saying that if you don’t take your meds you may relapse or become psychotic and thus you might need to be in a hospital. She may not want you to be in hospital but that’s where people who are psychotic or who have relapsed end up. And if you are involuntarily sent to a hospital THE HOSPITAL will take your rights away. She’s not threatening you, she’s realistically warning you of how you could end up. That’s my take on it anyway.

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I’m actually completely fine off my meds I hate them they take my friends away the pills do. If you heard how she said it it might make you think differently

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