Help me please I’m in a serious situation

Can someone help me figure this out? (Not really psychosis related)

So I’m at a psych ward right now because of psychosis (likely) and recently I got in trouble because I threatened to kill my doctor (I wouldn’t do it, I was kinda in a bad state of mind)
They ended up restraining me for 3 hours and gave me an injection of something (zyprexa i think)
Even police were involved… this isn’t a troll btw. will I go to prison or jail for this? I’m only 15 and regret it

They threatened me with moving me to another psych hospital for criminals and such but weren’t gonna do it in reality

You didn’t actually attempt to harm your pdoc, did you? If not, you’re safe.

I didn’t but they still said it’s illegal

I don’t think you’re going to jail. They might keep you longer at the hospital and giver you a higher dose of meds but you should be fine as long as you behave


How long will they keep me here at the hospital likely? They were already gonna change my meds because they think that they aren’t working

Yeah, I don’t think your meds are working either. Hopefully they keep you until you’re stable


I guess, they keep me here involuntarily which I hate

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The more you cooperate the easier it will be and the sooner you get out.


Will it be less than 3 months??

I have been in 3 times. They never kept me more than a month. But you have to be at good behaviour. Blend in and focus on recovery. Reflect on what went wrong and what you can do to stop it from happening again.


I don’t know. That’s up to your doctors. If you comply with meds, participate in therapy and don’t act out it will help you get out sooner.


How long it is depends on you. You need to cooperate, listen to the dr, nurses and social workers, and you need to be fully med compliant


I’m trying to be med compliant but the side effects are overwhelming

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Ask for Cogentin. It helps with side effects. I take it and my side effects are gone


Yes, they usually give you a heavy dose when you have been committed to make sure you are quickly calmed down. I wasn’t able to taper down before they let me out. I was on 20mg zyprexa inside. When I got out I quicky got down to 10mg in cooperation with my doctor. That was over 10 years ago. Now I’m on 5mg.

I doubt that it helps with high cholesterol and weight gain

Oh. No. It doesn’t help with that

You’ll need to change your diet and start exercising to combat weight gain and high cholesterol. I use an app called MyFitnessPal that lets me know what I’m getting nutrition wise.


It’s very hard to exercise inside a psych ward

They had a gym room in the psych ward I was in. Never used it though, looked really filthy. I settled for taking walks with one of the staff once a day.

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