Will i feel normal one day?

i am comparing to people on tthe tv even…i am feeling bad and unuseless… i dont know,its not nothing this illness,i am thinking right now that il stay crazy forever :confused:

I’m asking myself the same question today.

I have hope. My derealization is my most troubling symptom. This is the second day it has improved and I feel better and more normal already.

astefano, since when you are on treatement? one of my exs didnt believe in the medication for me. his father was schizophrenic and nothing helped him…

I’ve been on treatment for almost 4 years.

me for 5 years. and i think its really in my caracter to be so schizo and excentric.

With you being only in your early 30s is good
They could come out with better medications

i feel like i have an existential problems… but my doc says thats not my illness. maybe i think a lot,dont know…

Maybe u should have a go trying another antidepressant one that works for you?

i ve tried them, i didnt like them. they re blunting my emotions or for some-they excite me. sorry to be like that.

Anything is possible.
Keep your head up :smile:

I want to lose weight some day.

do you feel better on trt shellys? i ll never fit in the society or maybe its my psychorigide thinking…its like i dont have a caracter anymore. but thats ok,ill wait on haldol to see…

You’ll have to have faith in your doctor, u will see him soon. It’s a lot trial and error with meds

thank you my dear. ok,i keep faith :slight_smile: i am just lost,dont know if medecins help this

What do u do with time
I watch TV and read,eat
Sometimes turning TV off and sitting in quiet with breathing. Helps

i am also watching tv and surfing on the net. sometimes i clean my house,thats all…i think its not good all this. my doc wants me to relieve my paranoia first. i am not sure that ill love my life on haldol

When u say paranoia what do u mean

i am afraid of the people. i feel observed and that they can see my illness

Oh my problem comes in bits. Once or twice week I get paranoid I feel I am being watched, chased and hear voices and lasts an hour maybe but I get anxiety thinking when going get it again
But I have improved slowly and I go out a lot more to do charity work and college