Now that I'm back to normal it's like wtf?

Thought I’d never recover. It was all just a bad dream that I’m still pretty ducked up from. But I’ve had some good times recently where in the face of all my fears and issues it’s like whatever I just laugh it off. Still not 100% but I’m getting there.


Did you reach the amazement factor of life. The normal and thoughtful thinking? Good for you but help us here. How?

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I’m still not quite back to normal myself, but at least im not in psychosis anymore. I’m glad for you.

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It helped me to not think as much. To right off fear as a joke. Fill yourself with the amazement of being alive. Take nothing for granted. Don’t listen to the voices give them no room their input is useless.


The problem is that I don’t think at all or consume my ability at all. I try to laugh and have fun as possible and I think it is the healthiest thing to be engaged in a full time job and try your best to find a friend which is difficult at the time for normal people but one must always try. Best of luck to you

What are your symptoms like? Just paranoia and delusions or hallucinations? Please explain I’ll help as best as I can.

I used to have delusions and I think visual hallucinations I had more than 3 episodes but whenever I am on medication I don’t seem to have those problems anymore but my main concern while on medication is the many side effects it has on the personality