Why should I believe that I had delusions

That belief would only make me depressed, in fact, it may be an entirely false belief.

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Idk how to help you. I was like you but I think studying physiology and anatomy helped me get insight as I believed more in a medical cause of my psychosis. It helped me accept meds.

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Why should we be the ones to convince you you’re sick?

Talk to your doctor,


You just want an argument.


If your pdoc and people around you are saying your thinking is different and you are acting on those thoughts, I would follow the advise of your doctors. They know you and have studied you enough to knpw you better … we don’t know you that well

stop hating me i havent done anything to you

ive never acted on the “delusions”… i have thought the same thing for the past 4 years, highly unlikely to be a delusion and be functional

You were hiding in your bathroom out of fear …

yes i were but i quickly realised it wasnt real and got out of there

The point is you did act on it and you say the team was called out to help you…

No one here knows you well enough to answer 90% of these questions you have. These are best suited for your doctor.

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it wasnt a delusion it was a fear

I know but my doctor doesn’t care

Fear is a reaction to delusions.

Maybe find a new doctor? You’re not going to get quality answers from people who don’t know you and your situation. Just not gonna happen. But it seems you like the attention – err, the “reassurance”, so you do you.

@Crystal-Cotton, you have to understand this- you post the same question over and over with different titles. You claim you want answers and refuse to listen to us.

It irritates members to see this. So you’re going to get irate members posting or eventually just ignored.

Your question is best answered by your pdoc. We have done all we can.

there is nothing wrong with liking attention - very few people actually dont like attention so why are you shaming me for it? these are real issues im dealing with

absolutely not true. But whatever.

my pdoc cant answer ■■■■ they just want me to keep me taking their brain shrinking medication

its is true, the human nature is to want attention

Psychosis damages the brain. APs help preserve it.

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