If I was delusional back then

That means I was out of it and should take my meds
But there is plenty of evidence that they aren’t delusional beliefs but overvalued ideas instead

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What is the evidence ? You felt like you were gonna be poisoned … you locked yourself in the bathroom? That sounded like a reaction to a delusional belief

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I never said I locked myself to the bathroom because I felt like I was being poisoned, it was for other reason

Bottom line: you locked yourself in the bathroom because you thought your mom was going to kill you.

I’ve been there, @Crystal-Cotton. I thought my mom was trying to kill me by injecting poison through the lids of water bottles.

It’s scary as sh*t when one goes through something like this, so I can relate.

But ultimately the point is, this is not a rational belief.


Your case is bizarre, mine could happen!
I don’t think it’s a rational belief but also not a delusional one.

My case didn’t seem bizarre to me at the time.

There’s plenty of strange beliefs that go hand in hand with paranoia and delusional thinking.

We invent scenarios to substantiate these feelings of intense fear and they become delusions.

I honestly hope you’re feeling better and you get the help you need.

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Without telling to us what those believes are. Is there a way to perhaps change the environment so that they wouldn’t occur?

They way person would choose not to go through dark alley and walk around the block instead.

I’m feeling better, thank you :slight_smile:


Hmm maybe. I don’t believe in the stuff anymore though so it’s all good