Why should I believe that I had delusions

too bad ive only ever had anxiety so the APs dont do ■■■■

Antipsychotics can be used for anxiety

You stopped thinking your mom was poisoning you right after the shot. So it did something.

You’re just proving the point that you only want attention and arguments.

yes i do (except for arguments) but these threads are about real issues im having, there is nothing wrong with wanting attention.

Except for when your need for attention spams our forum.

Actually, just posting for attention is just going to irritate thesame peopleyou want support from. Alienating people isn’t the way to get support

i need attention since im feeling shitty and nobody cares irl thats all

We all care but won’t lie to tell you what you want to hear…


Then make a post saying that! " I’m feeling bad, I need support" notthe same old question.

but what to do when the same question is stuck in your mind 24/7 :confused:

Maybe it would be helpful for you to make just one thread, name it something that stands out like “crystals help thread” and post just in there if you feel you are stuck on a thought


You need to focus on talking about other things. Talking about other things will help you get past that. Because honestly, you’re getting delusional about delusions which is difficult .

maybe obsessive but not delusional, those are different things although used similarly sometimes

It can develop into one. Which is the path you’re on

ok i will do that im sorry

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How about I make you one? You can post whatever you like in it.

ok why not (15 chars)

I moved your new thread’s posts to that new topic.

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