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I just keep thinking I faked my mental issues early on and that’s how I got involved in the mental health system and got a diagnosis. And now I don’t know if my visions r real or not because I don’t trust my diagnosis for this reason

I’ve told you before I don’t think you faked anything. You’re still tormented by delusions. You really are sick. Please talk to your pdoc about what you believe will happen to you. It’s really important.


Thanks it’s just so hard. I feel so suicidal over this.

It sounds serious to me your current symptoms. As long as you’re not lying to us

You need to tell your pdoc about all this. It’s your only hope of relief

Thanks for all the support. I feel you guys are the reason I still feel hopeful and less suicidal.

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I’m glad. You are worthy. You are a good person.

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Even when my ex and I were seeing a drug counselor over my past addiction my ex asked why can’t I just be honest–and I remember then thinking I couldn’t admit that I was faking bipolar. Like it was bothering me back then.

How did you fake bipolar?

I think I faked my symptoms. Like when I was being hospitalized for it they were checking for insight and I pretended not to have any. Even though I feel like I did have symptoms of bipolar so it confuses me.

That’s okay we all make mistakes.

But why did you fake about insight.

Did you want to go to hospital?

Yes I did want to go.

Don’t worry about it… I’m sure you learnt from it.

Also, your diagnosis won’t change because of actually having had insight


it sounds like your trying to convince yourself of something about yourself that isnt even really true. Try not to do that to yourself, try to snap out of it…

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