Why psychiatric nurses are so mean?

Do those nurses get enjoyment for demeaning us? Its pretty easy job if you ask me, im not even talking about overseers (guards) who literally has watch over you. Also isnt it bad for schizophrenia especially for paranoid one that you are watched and analyzed all the time?


How is exactly is it easy?

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I think they’re mean too. Really mean. It’s so wrong. They should have cameras on and not just see how patients are doing, but also the status of the mental health of the nurses and staff. It’s not ok to mistreat vulnerable and sick patients

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I think these nurses can’t afford to be super nice.

They are dealing with some very sick people and you’ve seen the way they’re treated.

I saw a guy intentionally projectile vomit into a psych nurses face.

They take a lot of mistreatment and abuse on the daily.

I agree they are mean and don’t have to be.

But I understand why they are.

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I have had a mixed bag of nurses during the times I was committed. Most did a good job IMO.

My psych nurse is really nice and caring

0% decision making as pdoc makes all the decision as nurses just enforce them. Almost 0% physical work. Its just give out meds in 10mins 3 times a day and fill up so paperwork on their opinions of the patients. I had seen psychiatric ward guard to chat on one of a gaming streamer’s chat that the job is piss easy, made fun of patients

I had a really nice psychiatric nurse. Honestly felt like I was closer to her than anyone else.

I havn’t really experienced this. Some nurses are more open to being friendly and having conversations but I can’t recall any mean nurses. Some nurses you can talk to and some you just know aren’t going to go that extra mile and talk to you but that isn’t being mean. When I was in the hospital for 8 months I gave the entire nurses station a good laugh when I was walking in my sleep and went up to them at 2:00 am and babbled for a couple minutes about nothing and then walked back to my room and went to sleep.

I didn’t even remember doing it but when I got up for breakfast the next morning and walked past the nurses station they all giggled. I said, “what’s so funny?” and they told me what I had done.

Some nurses liked other patients better than me sometimes and it made me jealous of the other patients sometimes but it wasn’t them being mean.


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