Psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses have a kind of coldness,

Every psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse I have ever talked with, even those I liked, have had a certain professional coldness to them.

I like my current psychiatrist, and i don’t think it’s lack of empathy, but a professional attitude and all the pain they have to witness.


I think they are probably instructed, and come through experience do understand, they cannot become emotionally involved in people’s lives. It would be too draining, and potentially dangerous to do so


I haven’t witnessed that. I find physiatrists the polar opposite of psychiatric nurses. Psychiatric nurses are usually up tempo and high energy, very expressive and empathetic. Psychiatrists and secretive unexpressive very closed off and cold.


One of the psychiatrists in the psych hospital seemed like a warm guy.
He was very approachable.

My current psychiatrist is very human also.

Only had like 3 psychiatrists that were awful.

The rest were pretty nice.


I think the way classical psychoanalysis is supposed to go is for the therapist to be an empty screen that the patient projects onto, so that the patient may get to the bottom of some their illness. I’m not entirely in favor of that approach. I don’t need to pay $150.00 an hour to talk to a fence post. Some people need a psychiatrist that is more engaged.


Psychoanalysis is problematic at best. I prefer humanistic and cognitive behavioral approach.


The only thing I would see reflected back to me for psychiatrist of that school, is the fact he’s a dick and I’m pissed off I’m paying him money

And how does that make you feel…?

I need to be completely emotionally engaged with a therapist, or it just doesn’t do anything


It’s been a mixed bag for me. You can tell some nurses regret going to nursing school and its just a job and they don’t care. Other nurses are kind and caring.


I have never met a psychiatrist that I liked. The nurses varied.


Psychiatrists seem mean or not empathetic. I think its their professional attitude and that they’re arent like that in their private life. Also they shouldnt engage with psychotic ppl’s delusions etc When I was delusional my pdoc only said ok to my delusions and prescribed me meds.


Take it from me, whose had a full, baccalaureate education in nursing and years of experience in the field. Nurses and doctors too, guaranteed, are trained in school to look at their patients with a clinical eye. Doctors look at patients as a set of organ systems with disease states. Nurses look at patients as humans with basic human needs.

Doctors feel they have to cure or treat the disease while preserving the body’s organ functions. Nurses feel they have to address the patient as a person while meeting his basic human needs.


All my pdocs were mean until I found my current one. She’s warm and friendly. She likes to talk about life etc and she’s nonjudgmental


I have a good psychiatrist–he is sort of emotionally invested as well in a sense as he has brought up suggestions that would help like going back to school. I think he has an attitude of assertiveness but never came across as cold. I know he has more of an understanding of what I struggle with now after a few years, but I still try to tell him enough important information. I told him i was depressed and it wasnt true, I just wanted to lose weight and he put me on Prozac which ended up making me a bit manic I guess because I wasnt depressed. When I told him that i hadnt been depressed but I wanted something to fix me he said that medications dont really work like that. I have contemplated asking him again about being put on Vyvanse because its the only adhd medication that ever worked, never had any side effects, and helped me focus and lose weight and I cant pay attention very well. I will start out by listing my symptoms and the reasons I want to be on vyvane but i dont know if he will let me take it. I dont see why anti depressants are ok when they have worse side effects but not vyvanse which i have never abused, I mean ecstasy is bad but its not prozac. But i can be on prozac. So cocaine is bad but Im not using cocaine, and vyvanse actually works to help me.


My psychiatrist strictly stick to medicines. But he is caring.

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When I first went to a ward, my pdoc I saw yelled at me at the top of his lungs. I’m glad he’s retired. I’ve been wanting to slap him for fifteen years.


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