Anyone else hate nurses who say "how are you in your mental health today?"

It’s ignorant
Makes me want to say back

"How are you in your fatness today?"
Or “if that’s all you’ve got get out of my place”

What’s wrong with “how are you?”

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Having a serious mental illness has introduced me to a whole cast of characters that I never wanted to know and never knew existed. Mental hospitals and day programs are havens for sick people, not just us the patients, but the people they employ. 9 out of 10 of them have some type of insecurity issue or undiagnosed mental illness of their own.


You know, I’m sorry
I should have said all that stuff first
I am complete pro docs n meds n psychiatrists and the whole system

Just find that specific symptom question annoying
It’s always a nurse who’s a stranger to me

Silly gripe sorry

I don’t like the nurses either. And yea it’s intrusive to ask someone you barely know, “how is your mental problem today”?

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I totally agree with what you wrote @MeghillaGorilla1.

I’ve crossed paths with some pretty messed up Nurses and Mental Health workers when I was Hospitalized.

Many of them were Abusive in more ways than one.

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I had this one nurse in an aftercare program who had her own group, a mixed group with all kinds of people not just my group (the lowest functioning group)
Say. " I just love my patients, one girl even said to me that I’m her favorite nurse. I know she’s in the gateway group and none of them get any better but it was still such a nice compliment"

That’s pretty messed up.
Typical behavior I’ve come across.

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They’re cruel! If you show them weakness it’s like they grow fangs. It’s not safe to be alone with some of them they’re so icky

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Again, I totally agree

I don’t have a bad bone in my body but I’ve never felt so disrespected as I have from so called mental health professionals. I’m suprised no one hasn’t gone crazy yet and shot up one of those day programs.

I remember one of my stays in the ward. I don’t mind nurses but student nurses are (insert long harshly worded expletive)! I had one get all snotty with me because I wasn’t answering her questions fast enough. Scuse me for cognitive issues.

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On a scale of one to ten, ten being the worst. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cause we dont know how we are, not having pain in the ass does not mean we are good. And another philosophical question is that how they are. :smile:

Please don’t say that. It doesn’t help our case at all.

I hate nurses. period.

just kidding.

I hate it when I go see shrink once a year and he has the whole team there and they sit and stare at you and make notes and they all get together to discuss you when you’ve gone it is annoying

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Omg I hate that too it’s awkward and makes me very uncomfortable…

Haven’t been mistreated…but only been to one mental hospital and have been with the same doc since release so my scope is small…lol my scope is small…anyway…my doc asks how you doing/feeling every time too…at first I felt the same like really…I’m here how do you think I feel…but now I just answer her honestly …I think its more of a polite greeting or opening line than an actual question…

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It wouldn’t bother me that much. Being asked about my rectal health, yeah.



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I want to visit that nurse^

I forgot the meaning of “nurse” has changed, through the centuries…