Why isn't anyone on the Atkins diet?


I think I would try Atkins before I tried Keto.


  1. My damn blood sugar bounces around more than a toddler in a candy store when I’m on it.

  2. Too much meat triggers my diverticular disease. I do much better on low GI carbs with lots of whole grains. Trying the Dougall diet instead that @naturallycured recommended. Just reading the book now.


My Atkins diet was on the brain! It was pretty bad, but I done it with a B-
Here’s the cover from my nutritional plan :sob:


I tried Atkins and I only lasted 3 days. Weight watchers is my favorite program.


Due its ability to increase fat oxidation and reduce fat storage in adipocytes, resistant starch has recently been promoted in the popular press as a “weight loss wonder food”.


I tried Atkins twice in my life. Both times I just ended up craving carbs and couldn’t stick with it.


I think diets are dumb. :slight_smile: Just exercise more and eat varied.


Go plant based, not fat based or protein based.

Put a 6 year old child together with a rabbit and an apple. If the child kills and eats the rabbit and plays with the apple I’ll mail you a million dollars.


Any diets for thos the other way? I struggle to keep the weight on - my BMI says im under-weight. Have been for years. I could do with putting a stone on.


What medicine are you on? I would like to know. I’m too good with diets, but I know pasta, and potatoes, and bread usually make you gain weight.


*Not too good with diets.



Im on Seraquol 100mg at night. And a 4 weekly Xeplion jab.
Its just that my appetite is terrible - im never hungry - and if it is its cake and sweets and sugared cereal. I know i should be eating more carbs - but i just cannot stomach them.


You know, that medicine doesn’t make you hungry? I’m currently on another thread because I’m going cold turkey from geodon fluphenazine and Lexapro. Geodon made me put on almost a 150 pounds. Feel terrible on those meds. This is my third day withdrawing, and it’s really tough, but if those meds work for you-do they?- then I might try them. You might have just gave me my answer.


I don’t know if it’s an option for you, or if you would want to do it, but maybe you could switch to a med that would increase your hunger more, but I would be careful.


Thanks for the info - but im reluctant to mess with my dosage - it took me years to find a combination of drugs for me that works.

I did actually gain weight on Olanzapine - but i was far to sedated on it and couldnt function.


I don’t blame you. Good luck to you.