Why is it so difficult for some people to believe they’re mentally ill?

Why do you think it’s so difficult? I can understand being in psychosis and not believing it. It’s just some people just don’t want it to even cross their minds that they may be mentally ill. Do you think it has to do with culture, pride or what? I have no shame in so it makes it easier to believe I’m mentally ill.

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I know that I didn’t want to believe because I didn’t trust the ingredients Of antipsychotics. I thought they wud make me fat and I’d lose touch with my soul. But that was wen I was unwell

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There was times where I didn’t know I was sick. Then figured out somethings not right. But I still have alternative opinions about why I’m sick.


See that’s one of the more rational beliefs I’ve heard not to take antipsychotics. I’m more referring to those that absolutely deny the possibility that they may be mentally ill. It’s like the worse thing that could ever happen to them is being diagnosed with a mental illness. They won’t even recognize it as a possibility. It’s stupid to me.


It’s because of several factors. The main one being the disease itself makes things feel like reality. Another reason is that people are taught in the internet to distrust their doctors and medications. Add in some good ol’ paranoia and you’ve got a lovely cocktail.

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Some of us were proven right and were vindicated in a past life and now have to relive that life over and over again because our minds keep getting wiped.

I’m not sure y, but I’d guess it’s different brain chemistry firing the wrong way

The logical side of your brain battles the creative side. Without meds, the creative side takes over. Logic wins in the end with proper treatment.

And some become addicted to the thrill of the psychosis, and stay off of their pills for the roller coaster ride.

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you must ask first this ? would I want to be. and it is one hard one to get over. then you must say I AM, this is even hard then the first. normal groups pick on the lesser one so you ask is it posable to be excepted this way. and the answer is ………….no and then you feel ashamed, tell you see it for your self in others, then the answer changes to Sh*t deal with it. this becomes a uphill battle. and go’s on.


I think I may be partially addicted to psychosis. The only problem is I don’t get the mania like some. It just creates a lull in the boredom. But once I’m in psychosis I want out so badly. I recently started to go to a Unitarian Universalism Church to socialize and not be so bored.

Because the illness makes you special. When you admit that what you’re part of is a delusional fantasy, that takes away being special. It’s one ■■■■ of a letdown to go from being a pivotal person in an intergalactic/spiritual struggle to someone who has to choose between Hamburger Helper and Kraft Dinner for supper.

Being a mundane sucks.



I bet the first man on the moon kinda went through this. Neil Armstrong’s wife asking him to pick up bread and milk on his way home during retirement…etc…


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