Just a few thoughts

I truly am beginning to struggle to believe that I am in fact mentally ill, and have been for quite some time.

I believe that my brain is reacting entirely normal to the state that this world is in, life isn’t good, humans are terrible, and the more time goes on the more mess humanity creates; physically and metaphorically. The fact that people think that everything is indeed okay simply goes to show that they are far more ‘insane’ than I am.

There is every possibility that the things I see, hear, and believe are true; if anything, there is more evidence for them than against. The universe is one weird place and my experiences are probably quite normal in comparison to what goes on elsewhere.

This is just something that I needed to write down and get out of me, feel free to pay absolutely no attention to this; in fact, please do.


It is possible that the so called insanity is caused by this chaotic world. I had similar thoughts before.


It makes more than enough sense to me, thank you for sharing that though, it’s a relief to know that I am not the only one who thinks / has thought this way.


Psychosis unfortunately presents you with infinite evidence that what you’re experiencing is true and then makes you blind to how dumb a lot of that “evidence” is. Depression can make you feel that the world and life and people are terrible when in reality it’s you projecting feeling terrible onto everything else.

It’s called mental illness because it messes with your mind. I think a big step towards recovery is realizing your perception can become totally twisted and you can’t always trust it.

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Totally relate to this


I feel you are way too deep within your minds eye and have realized a similarity of that which I call being trapped within a alter-verse of sorts in present reality.

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I feel similarly to you. I really identify with what you’ve written.

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Please avoid writing posts that can encourage other people to get delusional ideas. I had to delete a few responses, but I read them many times first as they were somewhat questionable but probably not outright dangerous. Consider this a warning. I don’t want to close the thread. We have many vulnerable readers here and these kinds of discussions will not help them.

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