Don't believe i have schizophrenia

The psychiatrists ive seen all say i do
But it just doesn’t seem believable


Why do you not believe you have it? What are your reasons?

I didn’t believe I was schizophrenic when I was diagnosed.
I struggled until the meds kicked in. Even then for a while I was questioning it.

It really happens.

I just know that I’m mentally ill. That’s enough for me, and I don’t mind it.
Who’s normal anyways?


It made sense to me.

Once I got over the misguided notion I was developing multiple personalities I found it started to make some sense…

There’s reasons people come here. It’s not a bad crowd.

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@Wayne @Kxev

What i know is real but they think its paranoia?

I admit i do get paranoid but not about everything

I have trauma from childhood and suffer with that and get suicidal depressed sometimes and ive had bad anxiety panic disorder and agoraphobia
I am mentally ill but i can’t wrap my head around the schizophrenia it just seems drastic, you know, it may be true but i don’t want to believe it. I don’t know im confused


When were you diagnosed? I can understand if you are newly diagnosed.
Paranoia and delusions are very real untreated. You might not have insight yet.
SZ is a serious diagnosis for a pdoc to give out. Are you on APs?

And maybe you are right and you have been misdiagnosed. If you don’t think you experience psychosis, eventually your doctors will realize your paranoia may be just normal paranoia. This is just my opinion. I’m no expert.

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Thanks i was diagnosed 2011 im on Clopixol now but theyve had me on many meds ive tried quetiapine, depixol, amisulpride, clozaril, abilify
Im numbed on all of them
I did without any for 5 months and couldn’t cope even less got angry and couldn’t sleep.
I realise i do need anti psychotics to think better.
Im sorry if im confusing anyone

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Oh I see. Yeah.
Glad your meds are helping you.

At first I didn’t believe I had schizophrenia because I don’t hallucinate that often. But I had a LOT of delusions and paranoia. I don’t really care what they call it, I know that I need med’s to keep my head from leaving the planet.

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I did not believe that I had schizophrenia for awhile either, but once I got stable on meds and could see my delusions for what they were, I realized that it seemed like the correct diagnosis.

I believe i have psychic abilities that show up sometimes that fortell the future.
I know mi5 were watching me as a person of interest especially when hubby had all those bitcoins and because i know things i shouldn’t about the government its all true i can’t say everything obviously. I hear voices/ spirits sometimes and see things occasionally that i shouldn’t but maybe im a witch who knows. There is some crazy s**t in life more than is apparent to the average joe with his head in the sand

I would just accept your diagnosis. I get it.
I still have positive symptoms.
Sometimes lose insight. Other times I have insight.

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They told me I had schizophrenia. After 5 months I said, “OK”.


you sound upset. do you think you’re stable now or is everything you said you believe in present tense? be honest with your pdoc and you should be able to find the right med for you. it takes work.

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Yes i believe what i say is true
I do get upset but i thought i would speak my mind and be upfront

Ive just made an appointment with the diabetic nurse for next Friday so thats good i was worried :worried: about diabetes
I ate half a big bar of Cadbury last night and my legs have been burning
First time ive had a snack in ages

yes I’m glad you spoke up…don’t feel alone…many new diagnosis, which I am thinking you might be have a great deal of trouble accepting the diagnosis…I know I did…after my initial psychotic episode I stopped meds after I got out of the ward and was back home…three months later I was fully delusional but the second psychotic episode was horrifying…I hope you can get a med adjustment.

Thanks for your kind words
Sorry for you going through all that

I don’t want a med adjustment, wish id never become dependant on meds in the first place then i might not be still taking them 11 years later. Im sure there responsible for the diabetes.
Ah well