Why is it impossible to recover without meds

i wonder…for me it doesn’t make sense…

Some people do recover without meds, very few do though

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wt i mean is that if the theory is correct, it is because of “chemical imbalance” , over time it should be going to normal bit by bit but in my case , it doesn’t , it has been half year

6 months isnt a long time, it takes years for the brain to stabilize from schizophrenia and only if your on the right medication and dose. Some people always have positive symptoms even on medication and they can never stop meds.

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why can’t the brain be stable from quitting meds… btw sorry can u tell what meds are u taking?

Yes antipsychotics, when you quit antipsychotics cold turkey then your brain is extra sensitive and a relapse is possible if you do quit you gotta do it over years

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