Recovery on Antipsychotics is impossible IMO

Im putting this thread in unusual beliefs because its gonna get criticized as being anti medication and therefore undermines the community standards of nt going off your meds. But at this point I am fairly certain that in order to recover from serious mental illness, that is if your definition of recovery jives with mine, atypical antipsychotics do not make that possible.
The goal is to get our minds back, which is impossible if you are taking these mind numbing drugs to stay sane. Maybe in ten or twenty years when they develop better meds will this be possible, but to me recovery is achieving a mind + body = spirit connection that is simply impossible if you are on some of these meds.


Anti psychotics are to make sure we gain some presence of mind, they are not answer to brain damage, remember they have their own share of brain damage profile being named as neuroleptics ?

But presence of mind also accompanies with, as it is indicated in prevention of loss of grey matter !!!

The truth is, they are light in darkness.

The light we have access to, but not perfect ???


I know, I need them too. Its just that they are not perfect like you said, in fact they are far from perfect. They are so hard to take. They are responsible for making me less of a person in a major way but they keep me out of the hospital.
You simply cannot have your cake and eat it too with these meds.


You simply cannot have your cake and eat it too with these meds.

That’s perfection on your behalf, text.


I can’t take credit for that one completely, its a western expression. But seriously I could complain all day about these damn meds. they have such strong physical side effects, the EPS and general discomfort that go along with them, the blunting of ones personality. How can you be happy and not have a mind/body connection because you need to pace the floor, or you’re stuck in one spot from being stiff?

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I think now my body has become dependant on the drugs.

An antidepressant and an antipsychotic

@Dude1 same here. I get bad withdrawls if I skip my meds

Well yeah, that is a given.

Yes but correct combination works for some…!!! I am battling with medication at this moment …!!!

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Do u work Dr green thumb…!! DO u hold any jobs…!!

I am currently not working @far_cry0 no. But I have worked in the past. Im not sure how much stress I can handle and I have been in an untreated depression for more than 2 years. I also had two back to back psychotic breaks in the last two years so i was really hurting. My doctor says 3 more months and I can go back to work. The problem, I don’t feel well on medication and I don’t do well without it. Im just starting to get my senses back again but who knows how long it will last. I feel like every time I pick my head back up I get dunked back in the toilet.

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ya, I can’t live with em’ and can’t live without em’. I must take them to avoid having a psychotic break but, at the same time, they make me tired and unmotivated. I wish I didn’t need meds. It’s a shame I will have to take them the rest of my life. Must be nice to be “normal”. I always hope I will be that small percent that recovers completely and never needs meds again. Highly, highly unlikely.

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I don’t know about you but my hallucinations are pretty bad. The most recent episode of psychosis I heard my mom being killed. I would rather take the pills to do away with stuff like that.


You have to find the balance where the drugs are flattening just enough of your symptoms that you can function. When they flatten ALL of your symptoms, more often than not, they flatten YOU along with them. Also…

Cognitive. Behavioural. Therapy.

You have to do it. Could be with a therapist. Could be from a workbook.Could be you figuring out what works for you. You need to reprogram your behaviours concerning your positive symptoms.

Yeah, you can function on these meds, but it ain’t always pretty. Shout outs to @77nick77, @AmateurUnlicensedQuack, @HQuinn, @Twang and anyone else I’ve forgotten.


well, yeah, the idea of no symptoms comes with the idea of being disabled by medications. Dead serious.

I take haldol now, it seems to work quite well, 1mg. I noticed that atypicals often come with serious side effects, no joke, rexulti at 6mg made me stuff my face and then have breakthrough symptoms. Not pleasant, enough of it to make me this clear was actually overdose level.

Now to call and inform that the 1mg haldol is really working…I mean this stuff is potent. It also has a 5HT-1A agonism property, which seems to help with the difficulty concentrating I had. I get paranoid about meds too, I just had to go find a quick IQ test to prove to myself that haldol doesnt make people dumb (I scored higher than I did last night after taking my medication). We all get to a point where we know what is realistic with meds and what is not- not realistic that haldol makes you stupid, is realistic that it can make you sleepy. Or, not realistic that meds are all emotionally numbing, but is realistic that too much of a med is emotionally numbing- any med- hell, take more aspirin that is okay and then you throw up after getting nausea

I do my research with meds…pretty hardcore I might add. I would say that less is more with medications, but no medication is just as big of a mistake.

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Yea well I appreciate everyone’s feedback but I have to say that right now as we speak, like as in typing this I am having a bad reaction to a small dose of latuda. I can’t sit still have to move and swing my arms, feel like I’m about to start barking like a dog.
This is completely insane. The human body was not meant for these types of medications. They are toxic
When will they have medications that work and do not do this to you?

I don’t know, I’m fed up.
Here I am for the 100th time, lying on the couch after stuffing myself with junk food.
I cannot break the cycle.
The med cocktail that I’m on now is turning me into a breathing corpse.

I do nothing but Veg out in my house.
I lack the drive or will and energy to do much of anything.
I hardly get off the couch.

I might treat this as an Emergency and call my pdoc this week about it.
I’m not functioning.

I think APs work to some extent for a sizeable number of people but are not the whole answer.
People do better when various kinds of therapy are included as part of the treatment mix.


I can barely function. But without these things I will end up in the hospital. If they didn’t have EPS side effects and weight gain I would be a whole lot happier than I am now. I just had a bad reaction to latuda this morning. It was neurological and very frightening. I’m only on 40mg and I couldn’t control my body movements. Benzotropine helped but now I’m back to feeling flat and emotionless.