Recovery from schizophrenia without medication

i have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and iv been taking antispychitics since i was 18 on and off, iv been hospitalised 5 times and told this is a life long disease with no chance of recovery but iv recently been reading about people recovering and getting weaned off their medication and leading normal lives.
i ordered some books from the hearing voices network a while ago too and they talk about schizophrenia being not a disease but the minds reaction to traumatic events so it is possible to understand these reactions and control them and eventually get better , does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Sticking with your meds is the best bet. You have relapsed on the meds, you would have relapsed just as bad, or even worse, without them, trust me. Think of people with diabetes. They need an insulin shot every day. It’s the same with schizophrenia. It’s true that in some people, psychotic breaks become rarer as time goes by, but it’s not a general rule. It’s not a disease that can be overcome through sheer willpower. Unfortunately.


take your meds. It’s the only real way to handle schizophrenia. I thank God for my meds, saved my life.


I had symptoms long before the traumatic events happened in my life.
I also think meds are the only way to go.


No I am very ill without meds

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The people who can recover without meds are the people who have one episode and never relapse. If you’ve been hospitalized five different times, you’re not part of that group. Each relapse makes us less likely to recover, even with meds.


there are people, who have recovered from schizophrenia without meds, its true. there are even videos of them on youtube. but i think its a rare case. i dont want you to suffer, believing in a possible future without meds, only for you to land up in hospital yet again, so i tell you, search for an anti psychotic that suits you. there are tons of them. eventually you will find the meds that have some to none sideeffects for you and youre just like your old self. keep the faith.


I’d love to be able to function without meds… but it’s not the case.

It’s taken a lot of years and a lot of working with a good therapist and getting a good support system that my doc even considered lowering the doses a bit.

Even if others find a different path through this confusion… I know I’ll still be on my meds.

Now matter how we get through it… good luck to us all


I cant live without my meds. Im thankfull to have meds.

The Hearing Voices Network you’ve been reading is an anti-psychiatry sham “group.” Do continue to take your medication.

I’d play it safe man… I’m not on meds… it’s hell at times…

if you do come off meds… confer with a doctor… and be sure to taper off…

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i don’t take medicine.and used to it.i still have voice.but i know it sth got to do with afterlife.u can listen or ignore it

if u stop meds.discipline urself.if people hates u.u will back to hospital again.

what do they tell you about the afterlife?

those voice is noy tell u the afterlife
becoz u don’t know which country u come from in your after life.

those voices r another language .
if u wanna figur need many years consist studying.

what are you trying to say?

When I look back on some of the ways I have been when I was off my med’s I understand that I never want to go back there again. I know I can’t get off my med’s. I’ve seen enough to know that very few people can.

wow its kind of an overwhelming response tellin me to keep takin the meds! iv come off them before , like i just stopped them and i inevitably went crazy had to be hospitalised but i think theres some truth to the theory that stress and trauma leads to the disease because i am looking back and i can see the things i was believing, visions and voices were all to do with stuff i went through in the past. but what do u guys think about the fact these meds shrink your brain tissue over long term use, theres a paper on it somewhere that documents this , its a scary thought like i dont want that to happen to me ! but even if i did taper off the meds id still hear voices , see things and have delusions and you cant live like that. theres a therapy in the netherlands in maastrickt or somewhere that deals with looking at the voices and hearing what theyre talking about and how it relates to what youve been through . what do you guys think of that? has any of you had therapy like that ?

Some people started hearing voices after argument…So, if you leave the situation quietly without anything confrontational, just quit returning contact attempts from anyone you met through the group and just avoid all of them, do not talk to self aloud, do not follow orders from voices, sometimes voices may stop for you. At least, the crazy strangers who do ‘thought broadcasting’ which is stalking a stranger to verbally harass another schizo may not happen to you, so basically, you do not go into paranoid schizo. Lots of these strangers end up as vandals and thieves, some even called Christian due to attending the wrong kind of church with dirty businessman ordering them around through the voices. These would mess up their own family eventually and certainly screw up their employer/coworkers/customers. So, it is better to avoid these kind of church situations where people go to make voices stop as voices do not stop for some, and you will be threatened and possibly stolen from then stalked by theirs for YEARS, maybe making it impossible to work at the good jobs. The traditional denominational or smaller pentacostal churches can be fine, but the HUGE mega-churches that are non-denominational are better to avoid. (because they were thrown out of their original sect for wrong doing). Socializing can get you caught in another mess as sometimes the predators are hunting the social scenes too and you may end up as slave to another or unwilling mistress…You just have to see what there is to see in your city, is really good, and judge for yourself. I went back to my old high school/college bunch by Facebook as I had a clue who was nuts, and some of the men have cracked up and will harm someone now.

Some mental care may tell you that you have ‘false memories’ if you are having memory flashbacks to a wealthy person you met and some amnesia present causing the memory flashbacks. This is selective amnesia diagnosis. False memories is term mental care tries to tell you these memories are fake, and tell you to go back to the wealthy people you were spending time around that caused one-topic amnesia for you. I would REFUSE as this resulted in rape for more than one lady on this board, stuck in another city subjected to the whims of the sex abuser, discredited by mental care so unable to press charges and followed around being called a ■■■■ by the group’s nutties. If you run into pdoc who uses ‘false memories’ approach, I would switch pdocs quietly as this person will get you in trouble other ways by insisting on therapy, then you get attacked bad by thought broadcasting social misfits who target you for firing or ruin school for you…Better to just avoid the cause of the memory loss, understand you may have memory flashbacks for a decade even and completely stay with a pdoc who is happy to do medication or therapy… (Seroquel is nice to just keep you meds complaint and help with sleep. At 50 mg, cut up at night, you will get a very deep sleep and help fight off the insomnia weight gain…Has few side effects. Will shut up the pdoc.)

If you have this situation and try therapy, the psychologist may tear you to bits. You are better off getting as far from situation as you can, so you feel safe and just work through a self help book instead. If you are still too close to the wealthy problem, you may need to keep the therapy or meds management so you can bail yourself out of psych hospital if you get in trouble for complaining about stalking or trespassers, if you have a bad police department. Some of these wealthy abusers own the local cops and will ruin victims, so better to get some distance from the mess as soon as you can & go to place where you know a few people so you don’t fall victim to ruining in littler town or iffy neighborhood of city (who usually want to shack up with someone who looks to be doing okay enough to mooch).

Schizo really can be mistreated so badly, it is TOTALLY not worth it to do anything but study at home for work and focus on your job, health and a few positive friendships because we will be hunted down, used to ruin and never left alone with enough to survive it as an independent normal. So, avoidance is definitely warranted. Once you see a wealthy ruin someone with a whole room of people helping, you may understand why you just want to avoid any middle class males acting wrong and the wealthiest, except relatives, as these can do anything they want to you and all you can do is run if you have enough $$$$.

Expect to meet some really messed up ones everytime you move, even in the country which can be worse as the cops have no problem ruining someone or situation like anyone who takes a certain job in country ends up getting ruined is not uncommon. Girl gets ruined, put on disability and drug dealer latches on to use her check…No way out until he is in jail. You will see who hears voice basically everytime you move for a couple months at least. If you see a lot of people who appear to be talking nuts around you or you get confronted by a big group of kids threateningly (do not answer this), it means you may be in danger living in new city and need to consider moving ASAP to be safe as some cities have a cooking fire way of moving people or you come home to find strangers in your place…need to ask if they are hearing the voices and you can probably talk your way out alive if you move immediately.

That sounds more like psychosis that develops from PTSD.

Schizophrenia is an illness that comes from genetic and environmental factors. So you can have gene mutations that out you at risk for developing it but not get it unless you enter a period of high stress. But that stress doesn’t necessarily have to be a traumatic event, it can just be something like a kid starting college and having to be independent for the first time. Some researchers even think the stressor can be something as simple as becoming ill with a sickness like the flu.

I would highly recommend not going off of medication if you’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia. There are many things that malfunction in the schizophrenic brain that will not improve on their own. Over time it has also been found that synapses are lost, you start to lose grey matter, etc. Medication can prevent this or slow this down…without that medical stability 75% or more of schizophrenics relapse and need to be hospitalized. (That is if medication is suddenly dropped)

I have been off my meds for year now I was on haloperidol alanzapine 20mg rispearadone 6mg and larazipam it turned me into a complete vegetable I stopped cold turkey had bad bad psychosis for the first 3 weeks from withdrawal from alanzapine I feel 100& percent better today than I did on the meds im am now just starting to feel my normal self again i have had a few relapse on the way but they get shorter each time