Anyone stopped meds after stable years?

Anyone stopped meds after stable years?

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I’ll be on my meds for the rest of my life.


What meds? I dont think thats is right you just need to learn and understand schizophrenia well and mange yourself to keep in good zone thats even you are taking meds or not do you feel bad side effect ? Of meds?

Im on Olanzapine and Cipralex

Just because your stable on meds doesn’t mean you will be stable OFF meds. Quite the opposite. Schizophrenia is for life unfortunately. You will almost certainly have a relapse if you quit meds. That’s the way Schizophrenia works.


Dont know but im addicted and still too much risperdal ■■■■■■ my brain

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I was on it for while but serqouel is much better then olanzpine but if you dont feel very bad effect keep on it

I thought I read that john nash came off his antipsychotics and lived happily ever after. There must be others who have successfully come off?

I think it can take years and end but if you still very stable and good

No.i tried to quit but i became cold s really not a good idea.i just accepted that my medicine for lifetime.i have no problem except weight gain.i m really happy with my medicine.Medicines gave my life back that nature stole from me.i just have to give 25 kg and i m perfect.

I’ll never stop taking meds. They are for life. Stay on your meds!

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Yup. Became unstable and nearly wrecked my marriage. Also incurred a stupid debt that took years to pay off. Don’t ever do this without medical advice supporting the decision and proper supervision.


I pretty much relapsed stopping my mood stabilizer, Depakote.
I’m back on it again.

I also feel some cold and i gain 25 kg

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The doctor told me that we can stop late or keep just one med

I was stable the first time and quit my medications cold Turkey. Long story short I almost got died and burned through $15,000. Don’t go off your meds.

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I’m on a low dose with medical supervision, but when I stopped I did that on my own and it was a disaster. You need to make sure you’ve got someone keeping an eye on you when you change your meds as you won’t be able to tell when things have gone wrong. If anything, you’ll figure you’re doing better than ever (which you won’t be).

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i tried to come off my meds before and i just relapsed… it’s for life now and i’m ok with that…

i want to quit all my medicine after 6 months … slowely tapering down…

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I stopped my medication after being on it for 5 years. I was doing really well so I thought until the 12 month mark when I ended up back in hospital for a 6 week stay.

Not only was I put back on Abilify but I was also prescribed Lithium on top of that.

I also lost my mother, my sister, my home, my dog and spent a fortune in the weeks leading up to my hospital admission.

Think very carefully before attempting to come off your medication,