Why I think I shouldn't have children

I don’t think I should have children because my delusions are too severe. I just had an incident where I thought I wasn’t alive anymore so I ended up having sex without a condom with my ex. My ex is not aware I had that delusion that night. That’s right exactly as I just said it, it happened that way. He also has schizophrenia. I know I’m alive and well. I am now paranoid about being pregnant but my period came on but was much lighter than usual.

I also hear voices all the time and I’ve had some severe delusions. I don’t want any children because I can barely take care of myself right now and I just started working again. Hopefully, I’m not pregnant and if I were, I would get an abortion.

Do you ever think about not having children because of your schizophrenia?


No, but I had all of mine before my serious breakdown. I did have horrible post partum psychosis with my 3ed.

I still wouldn’t change having them.


I never wanted children, even before I was diagnosed. It was like a sixth sense telling me not to.

Now I’m 50 and am so glad I didn’t have any.


I’m not having children because of my schizophrenia.

I got pregnant at one point and decided to have the baby and have him be adopted by awesome parents.

So I did that, but I don’t want children of my own.

At least not at this point.


I am no where near as consistent as I would like to have children. Anytime me and a girl has had a pregnancy scare I freak the ■■■■ out. Fatherhood is just not for me.

I am a kickass uncle though and love that role

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Was married before to an abusive woman.
Thankfully no kids.

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I had a son before I got sick. He is 27 now and having problems. I love him but hate that I may have passed him bad genes.


I thought my genes were bad. Now that I’ve looked around a bit, maybe my genes weren’t that bad.

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Same thing happened to me. If I’d known I wouldn’t have.

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I think I have bad genes and genetic stock. I’ve always considered myself handsome and attractive in many areas (and somewhat smart), but I’m extremely lazy, unmotivated, and cannot work or function. I have mild Aspergers so I never dated.

One of my delusions is I have kids that I don’t know about. I feel like it’s coming from a past life or parallel universe.

But, no, I would never have kids. I don’t even want to date because of the risks, costs, and emotions that I would have to deal with. I’m going to be that 40 year old virgin guy.

I had moke before Schizophrenia. I am happy they were older before it happened. Idk how I would have been present in all the stuff when they were little. It would have been so hard. Much respect to those of you doing it. It’s a feat.

I don’t think I will have kids either. Years of seemingly live TV and music directly relating to me under the guise of friends yet they are not there when I am being diagnosed and fed medications yet the personal live context continues. The meds make it impossible to function reasonably. Lost and confused in this world and can’t really see bringing a kid into it to experience the same thing. Hostility when I expect anything of the seemingly personal interactions that seem to be there at the instance of idea creation. If anyone is similar I would like to know and start a discussion for coping reasons. Thank you

I would love to have children although I know that I would need to love the woman who bears them with me. I’d like to have a son and a daughter and hope that neither would inherit my schizophrenia genes but that is highly unlikely. Men begin to have symptoms of schizophrenia during their early 20s and women during their early 30s. So if my kids were to grow up normally during their infant, toddler, pre-teen, teenage years, I would be satisfied. I think that having kids would be some of the happiest and proud moments in my life but also, disappointing and upsetting moments too.

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I wouldn’t wish schizophrenia on my worst enemy.

But I get what you are saying. Perhaps, in 10-20 years, there will be better treatments or even a cure.

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Just curious. What kind of symptoms do you guys experience that led to your diagnosis? Mine are voices, possible phonetic ambiguities through music and TV that seem personal and kinesthetic sensations that seem out of place ‘pokes, hits, kicks’.

Schizophrenia affects less than 1% of the population of certain countries. It’s a rare mental health disease. I highly doubt there will be a cure for schizophrenia but do agree that better anti-psychotic medication will be introduced to alleviate symptoms.

You should start a new thread, that is off topic from this one.

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I am just learning to really relax and enjoy being around kids now. I’m too old to have kids now but I live with a 9 year old and I am learning every day how to not show disapproval of her and to let her be.

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My story is similar to @ZombieMombie. I didn’t have a major breakdown until after my kids were born. I had terrible post partum depression after each one. I don’t regret having kids. They are all wonderful. I’m so proud how they have grown up. Three are adults and one is 16. They are my life. Without them I’d long be dead.


I would roll those dice and have a kid. He or she would be smart as a whip and could take care of me in the last few years of my life.

Sorry to hear about your delusion, I totally isolated myself when I started realizing I was delusional. There was this 6 month grey period between when I was totally delusional and when the delusions went away completely, and during that time I just stayed inside so I wouldn’t do anything off-the-wall outside my home.

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