Why do you think you have SZ?

What’s the reason for you?environment,genetic or specific people who cause it?

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Thats gave me damn sz for life…what urs…

My dad is off is rocker

I’m 100 percent convinced I got it from him.

Maybe 99 percent

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People and environment I guess.A little bit genetic

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Will you’l be better without your dad?

Who else have sz in ur family …

Yes I’m better off without him…

I don’t even talk to him in maybe 7 years

Only me(15 char)

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Then its not genetic…may be environment…

Are you less stress?or is his presence making you stress?

He’s a raging alcoholic and ruined life for me and my sister… he is suffering from Sz and refuse to take medication. It don’t end well for him.

I am medicated and doing better than him

I caught this illness from him

So sorry,at least you are doing well.Good job

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I’m just guessing lucky. I’m part of the 1% woo hoo

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Yep, we made the cut. :+1: :hushed:


Mostly environment. Somewhat genetic. There is a link between autism and sza. There is quite a bit of autism in my family. Plus i have a cousin with sz. But I still think environmental mostly.

yup mostly environment but also genetics a bit too

I think genetics gave me the predisposition… but honestly the sleep paralysis seems the driving force. It has been more tramatic than anything else in my life.

All of the above

How can it be related to environment? My family thinks it was because I was very premature at birth. There is nobody else in my family that suffers from mental illness that I am aware.